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The Moorland flock of Roussin
are owned by Russell & Andrea Molyneux,
based in Hatherleigh.
All types of Roussin, pure and crossbred, available from the biggest flock in the UK. Shearling Rams, Ram lambs, Pedigree Females plus Roussin, Cross North of England Mule Ewe lambs. (400 available).

Russell and Andrea recently went on a trip to France to purchase new blood lines to increase the genetic pool in the UK. During the trip they visited Foire de Brix, this is one of the premier shows in France. Where they successfully brought various Rams and Ewes which now reside in Hatherleigh, Devon. Photos to be online soon.

R.C. Show Champion

The Roussin sheep originated from France, by crossing local breeds with British breeds. Including Dishley Leicester, Southdown and Suffolk. The French breed society was founded in 1978. Great Care was taken in the selection of stock. Strict criteria had to be met, conformation, number of lambs in the litter, the milking ability of the dam and Daily Live- Weight Gain of the lambs. Any lambs not meeting the exacting standards could not be registered for pedigree breeding. The Roussin were first imported to Britain in 1989. The rams are used for the production of crossbred females from the major hill breeds, transmitting prolificacy and conformation to the crossbred ewe. This enables her to produce quality prime lambs. The Roussin are now recognised as an excellent sire for ewe lambs, because of the ease of lambing.

Mules with their Roussin Cross lambs
on the hills of Cumbria

Purebred or crossbred Roussin carcases have good conformation and compete well with other breeds and crosses. The majority of purebred lambs killing out at E's & U's, with a consistent fat covering Meeting modern butchery requirements. The Roussin ewes are hardy and prolific. She will lamb easily, producing strong lambs with a good birthcoat (pure or crossbred) and a tremendous will to live. The ewe's abundance of milk gives her lambs the best possible start and a good growth rate. Roussin rams transmit hardiness and prolificacy to crossbred offspring. The rams will also work out of season, making them suitable sires for early lambing flocks. Also a quote from Organic Centre Wales, at The University of Wales, says “good in organic systems.” Having been developed in a coastal area of high rainfall and strong winds, the Roussin can adapt to many conditions and management systems. Producing excellent results, making the Roussin a true duel purpose breed.

Roussin cross Blackface lambs in Scotland

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