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Town Council Meeting, Alloments, Surveys, Parking and Housing.
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

January 17, 2012: Our new PCSO Becky Tolley came and addressed the meeting to update Councillors on Police activity in and around the Town. PCSO Tolley will be looking at irresponsible parking around the Town and issuing notices to car drivers who are parking their cars with little consideration for others or causing an obstruction. This is a major concern of the Council, particularly around the School entrance either end of the day. Parents can obtain a ‘Free Parking ticket' from the school to enable them to use the Town car park whilst they walk down to the school. PCSO Tolley will also be monitoring parking in other areas as well.
There have been some changes at the Town allotments with new gardeners replacing people who have left, and at present there is no waiting list for the next vacant allotment. If you are interested in taking an allotment, please contact the Town allotments association to register your interest.
A number of residents have commented to Councillors about the untidy streets, signs around the town that need maintenance, and blocked drains and ditches. The Town Clerk will be contacting WDBC and Devon highways to rectify these situations.
The Community Council of Devon is currently conducting a housing survey to address the housing needs of local people. If you have a housing need, please complete the survey and send in your response. Individuals, and not households, should complete the survey, and more forms are available from the Council if required.
Thank you to all the residents who have completed a survey for the Plan-it Process. This is your chance to have an influence in the future development of the town. The completed surveys will be analysed and the results used to help the development of the town. The next stage of the Plan-it process will be the ‘Plan-it consultation event' itself. This will be held on the 25 th February in the Community centre and we would encourage as many people as possible to come. We would also like representatives of clubs, societies, groups and local businesses to come along and express their views and ideas for their future development and progression. Plan-it is looking at a long term view for organisations and the Town, and there are more details of the process on the Town Council website, www.hatherleightowncouncil.org
Richard Jones, Town Councillor
Also in attendance were Members of the Save Hatherleigh Market Town committee, who requested the council to list the amenities of the town as outlined in the new localisation bill. It was also requested the questions put to the council in August have not yet been addressed and were told that they had delegated task to owners of the market's consultants and would chase them up.
If you have any comments please contact the Town Council or hatherleigh.net.



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