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Make your mark in history
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

May 10, 2011:

Dennis Bater writes "The Community Council of Devon which is part of the Rural Community Action Network, helps communities to help themselves. The CCD will be 50 years old next year and as part of its celebrations it has started a project to record the history of local communities over the same period. Hatherleigh is fortunate to have been chosen as one of the eight communities included in the project.

The aim of the project is to record the history of the selected communities and celebrate the factors that have contributed to their development. Each of these communities will be presenting the results of its researches in a permanent record such as in a booklet and or CD/DVD etc. to be used both locally and become part of the County Archive. At the end of the project in March 2012 there will be a celebration to show the work. A small sum of money from the National Lottery is available to provide technical advice, training, hire of meeting rooms and the publication of booklets etc. This project is an opportunity to record for posterity the history and work of the various organisations, clubs, groups, and associations in Hatherleigh It is a chance for the older generation to pass on its knowledge to the younger generations. Its an opportunity to encourage the young to take an interest in their culture, history and community and it is a chance for the community to work as one.

Our community is strengthened by the many groups operating in the town and to give a balanced view of Hatherleigh it is essential that there are contributions from as many as possible. We are therefore asking all groups to join in and provide a brief description of their activities and as much about their history over the last 50 years as can be recalled, including how it started. All contributions will be welcome small or large from a page upwards. It is planned to include references to major events in the Town over the last fifty years such as the opening of the by-pass, the building of the Community Centre and the foot and mouth outbreak.

Our deadline is to have all the contributions in by the end of October 2011 so that the material can be collated, reviewed, approved and published by March 2012.

Please contact Dennis Bater ( dennisgbater@btinternet.com ), Brian Abell ( brian.abell@uwclub.net ) or Alan Beaman ( alanbeaman@btinternet.com ) for more information. "



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