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Pastor Patrick Legg-Bagg
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

September 23, 2010: Sadly the local paster from the Vinechurch died on 15th September aged 61. After a long illness borne with such courage and openess. A thanksgiving service will be held in Hatherleigh Community Centre on Monday 4th October at 2pm. "Iíve got cancer!" Pat wrote in the Parish Magazine in May 2009 "It started in my prostate but spread elsewhere before it was found. Itís aggressive, inoperable, incurable, and unless God heals me miraculously (a possibility that I and many others are praying for), it will kill me. Iíve not wasted my time asking Ďwhy me?í ĎWhy not me?í seems more appropriate. God never promised that Christians would be immune from the difficulties of life. How do I feel? Physically, I feel well. Occasional pain or general discomfort, and I get more tired than I used to. The biggest battle is in my head Ė Iíve got this thing inside me and I donít know what itís doing! I am receiving treatment which should Ďbuy me some timeí and the medics seem to think that Iíve got a couple of good years in me yet. My determination is to get on with life, but it has changed my priorities and perspectives! Iím not afraid to die, but I would prefer it to be peacefully in my sleep when Iím much older. Neither do I want to leave my wife to face life alone at a time when we should be anticipating retirement together (Iíve just turned 60 years old). At the moment only one of our children is married, and we have no grandchildren. Will I ever attend the weddings of the other two, or enjoy the pleasure of their children? Will I die before my own mother, with all the distress that will cause to her? So many questions! In the midst of these unanswerable questions, I do have some certainties. God still loves me. I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I experience His closeness daily. Whether He heals me or not, He will walk with me on this journey and I will continue to trust Him. There are many others in this community and across the world who love me too, and are praying for me as I go through this. Their messages of goodwill and support are a huge encouragement. Ultimately we all die, and none of us know when. I am certain that whenever my time comes, death will be a transition into an eternity spent with the loving God into whose hands I committed my life as a teenager, and who has proved faithful to take care of me ever since. He will not fail me now. If you would like to speak to me about any of this, Iím very willing to talk. Phone me, speak to me when you see me around town, or drop into the Community Centre one Sunday morning for coffee and a chat (due to prior bookings weíre only there on 3rd & 17th this month). The reason I chose to write about this is to bring that which many people find Ďunspeakableí out into the open. Cancer may be big, but God is bigger! Of that I am totally convinced."



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