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Sarah is leaving Home
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

August 23, 2010: After so many years! Sarah Wrote "Farewell to Hatherleigh and Gíday to BelloÖ thatís Bellingen NSW Australia. Well, you couldnít expect the laconic Aussies not to have shortened its name. Itís just too hot to pronounce 3 syllables when 1, then add an O, will do. Bello is similar to Hatherleigh in certain ways, and utterly dissimilar in others. Itís rural; a small country town, but itís on the coast, so miles of white powder sand and azure clear crashing surf (jealous much?). Itís on a river, the Bellinger, which has loads of great swimming holes and a river beach. It is very alternative (eco everything mate) and arty; has great restaurants and cafť culture like youíve never seen. Bello hosts The Global Carnival (a 3 day world music event) annually, as well as a Jazz & Blues Festival, Bluegrass Festival, Chilli Festival (!), and a Country Show featuring a Mongrel Competition (no, Rex will not be entering). Bello enjoys a sub-tropical climateÖso, weíll say thatís a difference, rather than a similarity, shall we?! So, thatís where Iím going to base myself, but I plan to do loads (more) travelling. At last estimate, I worked out that Iíve circumnavigated the globe about 12 times, & Iíd like to go round a few more, so itís inevitable that Iíll be back at some point. Plus I may need to gather more material for my novel; All characters therein are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental (yeah, right!). Wow, there are just too many thank youís, and too many goodbyes, and I HATE goodbyes. So, Iím not going to do them, lest I come over all ďGywnethĒ and start blubbing. I can be contacted (not including outstanding bills) at rooshkie@hotmail.com, and Iím told that, even though I am resistant to social networking, I have to go on FacebookTM in order to be a part of the zeitgeist. My family is (thankfully) ecstatic that the prodigal daughter is returning (at last). So think of me when you read this, Iíll be borderline comatose in the Sydney sunshine next to the folksí pool, with a Russian novel nearby for appearance sake. I leave a little bit of my heart with you here in Hatho!! Sarah Xxx"



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