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Youth Club seeks helpers
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

March 19, 2009: Jane Elliot called to ask why we've not been publicising the Tuesday Youth Club. Well, we did some digging and it seems that we've missed quite a lot of emails from them. It looks like someone's spam filter may be overactive, although test emails seem to get through OK. Whatever the reason, Jane is keen to publicise the Club's activites, partly because they have a big membership and they get up to some great things (see poster for example) but also because they are short of helpers ... and funds. So, Mums and Dads, if you're glad that Jane and Co provide somewhere for your children to disappear to on a Tuesday, why not show your gratitude by getting involved. I'm sure Jane would welcome any kind of help, even it was only once a month, so get in touch and see what you can offer. There's a Drum and Bass night this weekend 21st - why not spring down there and meet Jane? PS They make some great art work (see posters, and they're apparently very active on YouTube with plans to enter the Media-Rich film fest in May. PPS: Tin Pan Annie are kindly putting on the show as a fund raiser for Hatherleigh Youth Club. (we are planning on giving some tickets away for promotion/colouring comps - get in touch if interested, adds Brian Palmer).



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