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Broadband for Northlew
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

February 23, 2009: Christopher Marson from Northlew mailed to say: "As you maybe aware Northlew has had an historic problem with getting broadband as we live too far from the exchange.The problem doesn't just effect us, there are rural homes and farms between Hatherleigh and Northlew who have fallen into this technological black hole too.

I have now secured a company who will install a Wimax network from Hatherleigh exchange into the village. We have had some surveys done with regards location and the backhaul and are now ready to go ahead with it.

We are now at the stage of getting subscribers together for those who either don't get any sort of broadband, or have a slow service via the telephone or satellite. This includes some residents in and around Hatherleigh.

The good thing with Wimax is, you don't need a BT line (or any line) and you don't lose any speed the further out you are like telephone broadband. Most people will enjoy speeds initially of 10 mbs and this should rise to near 100 mbs in 2011/12 when the Hatherleigh exchange is upgraded to 21CN.

Although, we will focus on getting Northlew online, anyone within a line of sight from Hatherleigh to Northlew, could join us. If there is enough interest in Hatherleigh, we could even set them up with faster broadband speeds via their own linked Wimax. Obviously these things cost less if they are put together at the same time.

My email to you is to ask if you could put a link on your site to my site, where people can register for the service at http://www.northlew.net. This is really important as without the numbers we cannot get funding or run a service that is cheap enough for everyone (around 20 a month) There are a few villages and towns in Devon who have done the same thing as we are doing, one recently in Bideford, to bring them in line with the 21st Century. Once constructed, this will be one of the fastest networks in the country and those who use it will be able to do many things from VoiP, to video, to playing on line games - but again, we need the numbers to ensure we can get the full funding.

Editor's Comment: Wimax is viable technology so if you're among those affected we recommend you contact Chris quickly to find out more.



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