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Court Leet and Court Baron
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

March 26, 2008: Our Lord of the Manor of Hatherleigh Deb Laing-Trengove held her Court Leet and Court Baron in the George Hotel on 25 th March. Present were Steward Geoffrey Cleverdon, Bailiff Jerome Toomey, Tithing Man Brian Abell, Treasurer Sue Gill, Town Crier Ros Chard, Scavenger and Pig Driver Ro Skelton, Sealer and Searcher of Hides Jake Skelton, Bill Poster Richard Chappell. Gary Bush was appointed the new Portreeve and Russell Molyneux was appointed Reeve. Jane Fawcett represented the Ale Tasters. Also present were visiting Manorial dignitaries from Newton Abbott. After the appointment of a Jury of local residents several Plaints and Presentments were discussed, including improved signage around the Town, fouling by dogs and the introduction of a local green compost scheme. The conclusions of the Jury were that with regard to signage, local businesses and organisations might be approached to help fund the project. On dog fouling, the Jury recommended that more dog waste bins be located around the Town and notices placed on general waste bins that dog waste could be placed in the bins if it was suitably bagged. The green composting scheme was to be encouraged. Appropriate courses of action in case were decided. Officers of the Court gave their reports for the last year. The Steward reported that according to West Devon Council it was not necessary to put recyclable waste in plastic bags inside the green recycle boxes. This will avoid loose plastic bags blowing around the Town and into fields and potentially harming stock. He had also contacted the community police officer with regard to local vandalism. The Highways Superintendent is considering extending the 30 mph speed restriction near the Community Centre to protect the safety of children. Ros Chard gave a detailed report of her Town Crying activities since the last Court . Jane Fawcett gave an amusing report of the recent ale tasting in the George Hotel and the Tally Ho Inn. The Bridge was still closed for refurbishment. The George was judged to have the best ale this year. The evening finished with a closing statement by the Lord of the Manor



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