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By Neil Price, Co-Editor

June 27, 2016: These are the questions I sent to NATWEST with their answers. sorry it was too late for the Pump 1.Will I be able to get a full statement at the Hatherleigh Post Office? 

http://personal.natwest.com/personal/ways-to-bank/post-office.html Please see link for our website natwest.com with Post Office services available and locator for nearest post office. 
Yes customers can get a statement, but it won’t be a full banking statement in the Post Office.

2.Will I be able to put cash in at the Hatherleigh Post Office, and how long will it take to get credited to my account? 

Yes you can deposit cash using a pre printed paying in slip. Regarding timescales - Subject to Post Office® branch cut off times, cash paid in through the Post Office® will be added to a NatWest account when we receive it from the Post Office®, which is usually within two working days. Please note sometimes it might take a little longer for cash to reach us from the Post Office®.

3. Why did the Natwest say, “Six years ago the branch was featured in a NatWest TV ad that promised to keep branches open if they were the last in town.”? THEY IGNORED THIS QUESTION.

4.Are the Natwest proposing to provide a mobile bank on a Tuesday – Market Day? 

Yes we are proposing to introduce our mobile branch into Hatherleigh. We currently cover the surrounding areas Chagford, Mortenhampstead & North Tawton on Thursdays and plan to come to Hatherleigh the same day. We will update the community and advertise in the branch ahead of the closure date to inform customers of when and where. 

Online banking – as a business we shall have to go down this line, but there are a large number of people in this area who do not have or even understand computers etc. What do you suggest they do? Bearing in mind the public transport system is extremely limited in areas such as this. 
We would like customers to get in touch and we will help demonstrate and help be able to use the new ways of banking where possible. Also the Post Office will be able to help customers with the day to day transactions where customers wish to use a counter service such as deposit cash or cheques.

6.I often have to wait to be served in Hatherleigh, obviously I would have to wait longer in Okehampton. Why? 

Over the last twelve months we have made significant improvements to the Okehampton branch to offer customers more ways to do their banking. We would like customers to keep in touch with us and ask us about all the different ways they can do their banking so that we can help find the best service available that is most convenient where possible



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