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Independence for Hatherleigh?
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

January 2, 2015:

The banks of the River Lew throbbed with election fever yesterday (January 1st) as four 'parties' vied for support in Hatherleigh's first ever vote on independence for Devon's smallest town. (Click the pic for more pictures). It was clear that there's lots of support for the idea, but who has the resources to take us into uncharted economic waters now that offshore oil mining in the Lew is no longer viable? The river bank became Speakers Corner as arguments (and various scuffles) broke out. Miss Whiplash and several bobbies intervened but they could barely keep control in the heightened atmosphere of the Hatherleigh hustings. Mayor Andy displayed his neutrality - as well as his expensive taste in official cloaks and bling - as he tried to keep track of votes on his crapometer ... er, clapometer! There was some chaos at this point and we're not sure of the result but it seemed to determine who had the right to get into the water first for the annual 5 minutes of submersion. This privilege seemed to go to the Scottish wing of the Hatherleigh Independence Team, or S*** as it's known hereabouts, but we're not too sure. Well done Walruses! And well done Mayor Andy for going under as well (but there's no claiming for those clothes mind!) Beneficiaries include Youth Football, Pre-School and Farms for City Children. More pictures HERE.



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