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Heane Farm Turbine application refused
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

August 4, 2014: Sally Vick writes “West Devon Planning & Licensing Committee Meeting” WDBC Tavistock Offices, 29th July 2014 The application for a 77m (to blade tip) wind turbine at Heane Farm, Runnon Moor Lane, Hatherleigh went before WDBC P&L Committee yesterday morning – and was REFUSED permission. The Case Officer, Anna Henderson Smith gave her report in which she recommended refusal of the application (00635/2014). Speaker Geoffrey Cleverdon C.B.E. recommended rejection (on grounds of visual impact, damage to heritage settings and neighbouring properties) and Andy Gilbert (for the Town Council) recommended rejection (for visual impact, number of objections & closeness to Ruby Way cycle trail). Applicant Jeremy Dennis spoke in favour of his application as he needed to diversify his business for the farm to survive following the devastating effects of Foot-&-Mouth disease in 2001. The Councillors asked questions and gave their views including on noise, and exclusion zones (since an exclusion zone of 800m had been set for a development in Cumbria but WDBC did not have one), industrialisation of the countryside etc. A vote was then taken at which the councillors voted unanimously to reject the application. The grounds for REFUSAL are as follows: 1. There would be a detrimental effect on the wider landscape character of the area through the introduction of an incongruous vertical and moving element. In addition there would be a detrimental effect upon the rural and tranquil character and appearance of the local area from public views such that the proposed development would be harmful to the character and appearance of the local landscape. Thus the proposal conflicts with West Devon Local Plan Policy NE10 and Core Strategy Policies SP17, SP3, SP1 and the guidance of the NPPF. 2. There has been insufficient evidence provided to satisfy the Local Planning Authority that there would not be substantial harm to the setting of the Grade I listed Hatherleigh church and views from and of the Conservation Area. As such the proposal is in conflict with policy BE3 of the West Devon Local Plan, SP18 of the Core Strategy and the guidance of the NPPF.



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