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Option 3 for the Market
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

February 28, 2014:


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I personnelly think this is a good compromise. Please refer to numbers on images At the Meeting on Tuesday West Devon should consider this option

A worried resident has put forward this Option, arguements laid out below, Please email the planning ahenderson-smith@westdevon.gov.uk

Hatherleigh Market – Land use – Response to Option 2:

  1. Pannier Market  (with parking alongside for stall holders) with light bright ‘tent’-structure roof – in place of the divisory line of houses that would separate Town from Market. Flexible use for diverse events.
  2.  Auction Hall with forecourt – maybe Pyle’s could relocate (at least for bigger sales) and free up the pavement and entrance into Hatherleigh on their sale days. Flexible use for diverse events.
  3. Additional parking – in place of Allottments (this has already been proposed.
  4. Market Green – Open Space with trees for shade and benches – a meeting place amid a busy market scene.
  5. New Market Cafe nearby
  6. Top pedestrian entrance widened (in place of part of Hancock’s workshops – if he is able to relocate).
  7. Cornwall Farmers – make a back entrance for lorries and farm vehicles – to meet the Bypass via the Abattoir entrance road?  An alternative entrance for their lorries etc. is essential to any development as the centre of Town is often impassable for lorries and buses.
  8. Entrance Gateway – with ‘Welcome to Hatherleigh Market’ looking from the Town Car park and ‘Welcome to Hatherleigh Town looking from the Pannier Market towards the Town Car park.  This will encourage the flow of pedestrians – visitors, shoppers etc. between the two areas so that the Town and Market are integrated and enhance each other.
  1. The current proposal appears to raze the entire current market; would it not be appropriate to leave some historic memory at least of nearly 80 years of the Market being on its present site and bringing prosperity to Hatherleigh? No.9 is the site of the first cattle auction ring and has a plaque above – this could be remembered in some shape or form.

Having two flexible purpose buildings/spaces and more parking spaces (less houses were listed on the W. Devon Plan for Hatherleigh) would ensure that Hatherleigh can continue to function as a characterful and prosperous market town with facilities for nearly all the events the current Market hosts – furniture auctions, Ruby Country markets, car boot sales, Red Ruby cattle shows & sales – and other breeds, Dog shows, Young Farmers’ events, etc. and no less important, continue to provide essential space for our celebrated Carnival. 
The future of Hatherleigh as a tourism destination for many visitors to West Devon is also dependent on getting this development right.  There will not be another chance.



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