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Moor Management Committee end of year report
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

January 25, 2014: Appologies to the Moor management committe Neil Pump ed Hatherleigh Moor Management Committee End of Year Review At the Annual General Meeting held in December it was reported that 2013 had been a successful year in the management of the moor, due mainly to the more favourable weather conditions, in contrast to the previous three years, which were so wet. As a result almost the whole of the moor has benefitted from being tidied up by ‘topping over’, with the cut mass - mainly rushes - being removed, this improving the grazing and appearance, very considerably. Additionally 50 tonnes of lime were spread. Major remedial work has been carried out in the pond on Lower Moor, following an infestation of Parrot Feather Weed. This invasive weed had covered the whole surface area of the pond and needed removal manually. Thanks to the advice and help given by The North Devon Nature Improvement Area Team and to a band of willing volunteers,- mostly from the Brandis Corner Wildlife Group,- two thirds of the pond has now been cleared of the weed, with the remainder hopefully being removed in the coming Spring season. In December Potboilers received a Token Payment, as is customary, and over the year the committee have been pleased to be able to respond positively to requests for financial support from a number of organisations in the town. The Festival; The Skate Park Development; The Repair of Old Schools; The Silver Band; The Football Club; The Primary School; The Community Centre and the History Society, all having benefitted from donations made. In every way the management of the moor has to be carried out meeting National Schemes of Environmental Requirement. One such scheme came to an end during the past year with another being offered, and successfully entered into. The discovery of The Roman Site continues to be developed with proposals agreed with South West Archaeology Ltd. for further exploration in the future. Fences, Stiles, Footpaths, Gates and gateways have received attention where necessary. Sadly, too often gates are still being found unnecessarily left open, not having been closed by those using them. This can cause problems with stock straying and mixing and we would ask everyone to be diligent in this respect when enjoying the moor, as we do to all walking their dogs, that they be kept under close control at all times so complying with the Law of the Land. Geoffrey J. Cleverdon CBE Hon. Secretary and Treasurer



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