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10 less houses - no community hall or medical centre
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

November 26, 2013:

Time to comment again!! Please comment again! till 17th December

App. No:  00760/2013
Application Type: Outline
AMENDED PROPOSAL: Mixed use development, following demolition of existing buildings, including Residential (106 units including 11 affordable), Retail (Use Classes A1, A2 and/or A3), Employment floorspace (Use Classes B1, B2 and/or B8), together with new Public Realm including Market Square with associated Pavilion, Play Space, Hard and Soft Landscaping, Community Allotments, Means of Access, Public and Private Car Parking, and associated Infrastructure.
   There have been amendments submitted to the above proposed scheme for consideration. The amendments are as follows:
A reduction in the number of residential units from 116 to 106, with 11 of the remaining 106 being offered as affordable units.
The removal of the community building and medical centre from the scheme and their substitution with additional employment units.
These changes are considered to be significant enough to warrant a re-consultation on the scheme. Any consultation responses you may have already submitted will still be considered as part of this application, this re-consultation seeks any additional comments on the above areas of change to the proposal.
You can inspect the plans and related documents during normal office hours (9 a.m – 5 p.m) Monday – Friday) at our Tavistock Office, or at our Okehampton Customer Services at 10 St James Street, Okehampton, EX20 2DH.   Alternatively you can view planning documents via our website http://apps.westdevon.gov.uk/planningsearch/default.aspx?shortid=00760/2013ww.westdevon.gov.uk
Should you wish to make further representations they should be sent in writing to this office by 17 December 2013.  Your representations may also be sent via our website “commenting on applications”. Please note that such letters/emails will be posted on our website and can be read by the public and will be reported to the appropriate decision makers. (e-mail addresses and signatures will not be published). Your representation will be acknowledged and a leaflet No 3 “Speaking at the Planning and Licensing Committee” will be sent to you.
We are unable to send acknowledgements to signatories of petitions or standardised letters.
A Duty Planning Officer will be available at our Tavistock Office from 1pm – 3pm Wednesdays, and 9am – 11am Thursdays and Fridays, and at our Customer Services Centre, 10 St James Street, Okehampton between 9 am -11 am Mondays. If you would like to speak to a Planning Officer outside these hours or wish to see a specific person an appointment can be arranged for you. 
Your Town/Parish Council has been notified.  You may like to advise or send a copy of any letter or observation to them as soon as possible for their information.



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