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10 Pub Barrel Pull Success
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

September 9, 2013: Has a new tradition for the Tar Barrels been born? At the start of the 10 Pub Pull on Saturday, to promote the barrels, gain new members and raise funds, the team began to pull the barrels from the back of the George to the car park to where Mandy and her Carmel coach were waiting to take us on our 10 hour jaunt around Devon. Then someone remembered that a small crowd had gathered in the Square to give us a send off! So, the barrels were turned 180 and pulled out through the George's front entrance (see left)! This nod towards the old George was repeated on our return when the Barrels were pulled back in through the George (fourth picture down) to be parked out back under the arch. We'd like to see this brought into future pulls somehow. The jaunt around Devon stuck to Eddie's timetable and went smoothly, with excellent hospitality being offered by all landlords. Notable moments included the Red Lion in Exbourne, where landlord Nick dished out free grub (what great chips BTW). At Exbourne we also bumped into two old (i.e former) Barrelers - Dave Simmons and friend Richard - who nostagalified about 'proper' pulls in 1975 when the barrels were much larger and involved a high speed run round the town. Ah the good old days! Mr and Mrs 2013 Carnival President also turned up at the Red Lion - that's them above right - and they made another appearance at the Torridge in Black Torrington later. Thanks both. Another memorable moment was the Duke of York at Iddesleigh (barrels arriving right), where landlord John could hardly believe two celebrity visits in one week (the world-famous Tar Barrels and Joey the War Horse) and the George itself, which welcomed us back that evening with more free grub and some music. A big 'thankyou' to all the landlords who contributed to the day's efforts, either with a cash donation or in kind. For the record they were: Duke of York (Iddesleigh), Seven Stars (Winkleigh), Railway (North Tawton), Copper Key(North Tawton), Red Lion (Exborne), Green Dragon (Northlew), Clovelly Inn, Bratton Clovelly, Junction Inn (Halwill Junction), Torridge Inn (Black Torrington) Golden Inn (Highampton) and The George Hotel (Hatherleigh). Thanks go also to the various members of the public who either donated gracefully to our collecting tins or succumbed to the unprincipled advances of our photographer and agreed to have their pictures taken with the Barrels if they donated! Finally, it was good to have lots of new faces join in this expedition; expect to see some new Pullers on Carnival Day.




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