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New Skate Area for Hatherleigh
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

February 10, 2013:

Congratulations to Bradley Horne, Nick Laing Taylor and the Town Council for achieving the not in considerable in getting the funds for a new Skate Board Park. Which  am sure will be appreciated by the more energetic members of the community.
Bradley said “There are plans afoot to complete the Skate Area and to develop a quality facility which not only the town can be proud of, but more importantly that our youth can take ownership of and use as a highly positive activity.
The initial aspiration was to build a facility for £78,500.   The hope was that this could be funded by:  Sport England £50,000; Thomas Cook £15,000, and a further £13,500 of cash and voluntary support sourced locally.    The great news is that we have been offered a grant up to £50,000 from Sport England.
The disappointing news is that the £15,000 from Thomas Cook did not happen.   Unfortunately the maximum (£50,000) amount from Sport England, is to an extent dependent upon going ahead with the full project.  We can convince them to keep to that sum providing we can evidence that we’ve made every effort to close as much of the funding gap as possible.  They have agreed that we can scale the project back but they are very clear that we must; produce a cost effective ‘Inspired facility’; close the funding gap and evidence our own efforts to make the project a success.   It’s clear that they are not content with groups simply taking a grant and not showing any local effort. 
The £13,500 of cash and voluntary support is on the way to being achieved, but we are still a few thousand short of this element. Over the next couple of months, we will be trying to raise as much of this sum, and hopefully some of the £15,000, in order to maximise our grant donation from Sport England.   Concurrently we’ll work with providers to produce the best scheme we can.
We will end up with a ‘good’ facility.   We are however very close to being in the business of providing a ‘fantastic’ facility for the youth of the town.  Most of the money raised will go in to the ground works, once that is down though, the polish, style and ultimately the quality of the final result relies on the last 10 or 20% of the funds raised.   This is where we have a real opportunity to change an ‘okay’ facility into a really exceptional one.
Should you be able to contribute financially or by giving some time to the project that would be warmly welcomed.  Any amount would help.   Donations or offers of help to Nick in the Papershop – PLEASE.”



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