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Have another Say
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

October 26, 2012:

A great place to beTomorrow Saturday is another chance to put your views of what you think Hatherleigh will be like in 2026, Questions they would like to be answered are
What will your role be in preserving the community spirit?
Would extra notice boards provided around new developments help people to
join in and feel part of the community?
How can we promote Hatherleigh as being a vibrant market town with a good
community spirit?
Do you have any other ideas for sharing information in the town?
Do you agree that a rate of growth of 13% over the life of the plan is right for
the town?
What do you think is most important as part of any new development (e.g.
affordable homes, housing for the elderly, continued market uses,
community facilities etc.)?
What would help to improve your access to local activities and facilities?
How could better use be made of existing facilities i.e. Island Park, Community
Centre etc?
Are you satisfied with local service provision?
Can you identify any other gaps in provision?
Is anybody willing to look into providing nursery provision for working parents in
the town?
Do you think that if extra signposting and an up to date map informing you of
where the various walks around Hatherleigh are, more people would be
encouraged to use them?
Are you concerned about climate change and the effect it would have on this area, for example increased flooding risk? Would you like to see more local discussion on how Hatherleigh can mitigate this?
Do you agree with the idea of good sized gardens and/or allotment space to provide areas for people to grow their own food to be provided with new housing?
What initiatives could be introduced to help businesses?
Would you support the setting up of a business forum?
Do you have any other ideas about how to promote cycling and tourism
in the town?
What do you see as Hatherleigh’s greatest assets?
Would you be happy to pay extra on your precept (Council Tax) to
enable the town car park to be free?
Would you be interested in “residents parking permits” to use the car park rather than on-street parking?
What would be your favourite option for a traffic solution to ensure parking does not cause any accidents or delays to emergency vehicles?
What do you think are the most significant aspects of the market area and its operations?
How big should the market facility be?
Who will manage it and what form should this take?
What strategy should be developed to ensure a smooth transition?



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