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Page updated: September 24, 2018

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West Devon's Questions regarding Market

Hatherleigh Market planning application 00760/2013

FAQ’s    (correct as at 4/6/14)


Q.1 – This was an outline planning application, what does that mean?
A – This application was an outline application only. That means that all it was considering was the principle of the types of development. It was not considering the very fine details such as exact positioning of houses, what they look like, where roads will go, what landscaping will be planted etc.

Although there were detailed plans submitted as part of the scheme these were just to show one way it could look, this detail has not been approved and could change.

Q.2 – Has the planning permission been granted yet?
A – No, West Devon Borough Council’s Planning Committee decided to grant the scheme (with conditions) however this was subject to the final agreement and completion of the legal agreement (often referred to as a Section 106) which needs to accompany the scheme which has not yet been completed.

Q.3 – When will the permission be granted then?
A – This depends upon how long it takes to finalise the legal agreement. However the content of this was already agreed in principle so it is just the detailed wording etc which is being worked on at present. It is nearly completed so the final agreement and planning permission should be granted and issued soon, in the next few weeks.

Q.4 – Once it has been granted and planning permission issued what happens next?
A – As mentioned above this will be an outline permission only. What this means is that all the detail still needs to be considered and this will have to be formally considered by West Devon Borough Council’s Planning Department when the applicant/future developer submits a ‘reserved matters’ application – quite literally those matters which were reserved for consideration at outline stage. Those are scale, appearance landscaping and layout.

Q.5 – When will this reserved matters application be submitted?
A – This is not within West Devon Borough Council or Hatherleigh Town Council’s control. It is entirely up to the applicant when/if they wish to submit a reserved matters application. However they do have to submit it within 3 years of the date that the outline permission was granted.

Q.6 – Will the public/Hatherleigh Town Council get a say in the reserved matters application?
A – Yes. West Devon Borough Council would encourage any future applicant to engage directly with the community before making a planning application. The Borough Council would also encourage them to have discussions with its Planning department before making an application and within this would expect engagement with the community. However even if these were not done (as presently it is the applicant’s choice) at the very least once the application was made then West Devon Borough Council would consult with the community, Hatherleigh Town Council etc through site notices, the press etc. and there would then be the usual 21 day period for comment.

Q.7 – When will works start?
A – This is dependent upon when/if a reserved matters application is submitted and if any such application is successful. However the development must begin not later than 3 years from the date of grant of the outline permission, OR 2 years from the date of grant of the final reserved matters (whichever is later of the dates).

Q.8 - Once works start what will happen to the Market?
A – One of the things which is being secured in the legal agreement is that during the construction on the site, there will provision of space for the market to continue. West Devon Borough Council can secure that sufficient space is made however it is important to remember that the operation/closure of the market is not within the Council’s control and is within the gift of the market owner.

Q.9 – What else does the legal agreement cover?
A – As an overview it covers:

a) A phasing scheme. This will ensure that different parts of the final scheme are delivered at the right time. For example it makes sure that bus link, market facilities, some of the employment and only some of the open market houses are delivered in the first phase. This makes sure a developer could not simply build the more profitable parts and not delivery the community facilities, employment etc. It also requires the approval of details of space, access and car parking throughout the construction period to allow the market to continue to function.

b) A lease for 25 years at a minimal rent for a second cricket pitch

c) Money to be paid to Devon County Council (DCC) for primary education provision and secondary education transport provision. Also a payment to DCC in order to move the 30mph limit further up the A386.

d) £25,000 off site play contribution. This money is likely to be managed by West Devon Borough Council but can be applied for by parties wishing to improve/manage play areas in the Town so for example Island Park.

e) Affordable housing, a fixed delivery of 11 on-site units and then either 10 more later on or a contribution for £200,000 to West Devon Borough Council instead (for delivery of Affordable housing elsewhere in the Borough) if Hatherleigh doesn’t need more units.

f) The legal agreement also makes sure that necessary play space, the riverside walk and landscaping and ecology are delivered, managed and maintained.

Q.10 - Where can I find more details on the application?
A – On the West Devon Borough Council’s website planning search facility under the planning application number (00760/2013):


Any future applications would also be on here and all new planning applications are put on the WDBC’s weekly list of planning applications, also online.

Meeting held Tuesday 22nd in the Community Centre Hatherleigh

Minutes Communications since meeting here

Present - see book of names, to follow
Apologies Mel Stride M.P., Julia Girling M.E.P., Mark Reddaway chair of Carnival Committee
Opening .. Neil price opened the meeting stating that Christine Hall our district councillor could not speak this evening since no other councillor was present, it was noted and duly commented on that the town council (apart from Claire Tyson) were not in attendance, the North Devon Journal and the Okehampton Times sent representatives
Neil asked where do we as a town go from here now that outline planning has been passed on the market?
There followed a discussion between numerous townspeople about the plans and the flexibility, it could mean more or less houses.
Cindy Squire brought to the meetings notice that at the time of planning WDC had commented on the fact that no one had ever complained about the smell from the abattoir, it was discussed whether or not we as a town should write to WDC every time there was a strong smell, this could however be detrimental to the abattoir as was pointed out by one of the townspeople.
It was pointed out by one of the market stall holders that they felt that they had been let down and felt powerless about what was going to happen on the market site. It was asked what is a viable market space, how much does each stall holder need ? Has parking really been taken into account? it was felt that all these things need to be questioned.
Questions were asked as to whether or not monies are available from the EU about being able to support markets like ours or could it be a cooperative?
A letter from the carnival chairman was read out asking questions about the future of the carnival being able to use the market site in the future.
It was asked do we have a main person to collate information? A volunteer who said he was going to open a business in Hatherleigh said “he would be more than happy to be used as a drop off or collator of information.
Suggested actions are :-
Dan the Fish Man will help to work out the space stallholders need , with the help of a volunteer.
A small working group will come up with plans for the use of the space.
Letters should be sent to the design team and the town council to find out what is happening to the land? It was stated by WDC that the town should be involved at every opportunity in planning, and to reiterate the strength of feeling in the town
A willing volunteer is going to find out more information about EU grants and will also try and find out from another community that has gone through a similar experience what positive action can be taken.
Suggested use of Facebook as contact.
Neil drew the meeting to a close at 9.10 pm

Town Councils report on outline planning here

Planning officers report here including Hatherleigh Town Council's first response to the original plans.

What outline planning guidance notes here

Hatherleigh met data here as the smell from the abatoir was raised at the meeting.


Planning passed

Andy Dodd's reponse

"Personally I can't understand why our unpaid councillors failed to call such a meeting before the Tavistock decision day last Tuesday. If they had done then perhaps they would have realised how against any form of development the majority of Hatherleigh residents were. This town needed to FIGHT before outline planning was approved, but now it is TOO LATE.
The Vicks will do what they want and in any case it doesn't really matter any more because 106 houses will cause the market to vanish.
There should have been objections raised, especially against Vicks claim that the market could not function viably as a going concern .. what absolute bollocks.
Every Tuesday a thriving market, every Sunday a thriving carboot, every 3 months a thriving Ruby Market and many many other events. AND sheep sales on Monday, cattle on Thursday which was growing again, the only reason it no longer does is that Mr Vick has been running it down on purpose.
Hatherleigh Town Council should have, in my opinion, argued that a buyer should be found to take the market as a going concern, with NO future rights to development, perhaps Kivells.
Had we had this meeting before perhaps we could have persuaded the council not to give up the fight and not to approve the plans and even organise a coach load of objectors to SAY NO at Tavistock.
This is rubbing salt in the wound because the Vicks have won and Hatherleigh has already lost.
Sad day.
Andy Dodd"

Planning put in

Outline application (00760/2013)for mixed use development, following demolition of existing buildings, including Residential (including sheltered housing accommodation), Retail (Use Classes A1, A2 and/or A3), Community Space (including possible creche), Medical Centre, Employment floorspace (Class B1), together with new public realm including Market Square with associated Pavillion, Play Space, Hard and Soft Landscaping, Community Allotments, Means of Access, Public and Private Car Parking and associated infrastructure.

Some responses here

See the application on the West Devon site Here and if you wish to comment Click Here and send a copy to Editor@listevents.net/hatherleighwebsite


Save Hatherleigh Market

Still trading after a 1000 plus years

The consultants on behalf registered keepers of the land have now put in for outlying planning.

In our survey below we asked "What Makes Hatherleigh Special according to you?" Click Here to find out.

The owners of the market have now had their plans put forward for an environmental impact.

What can I do to help the cause?

* Sign the petition in the here.

* Write to your MP (If you live in Hatherleigh your MP is Mel Stride),and express your concern about the market at The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

* Write to your Borough Councillor, list of West Devon Bourough Councillors here

*Come to meetings/e-mail savehatherleighmarket@live.co.uk to express your opinions and share any ideas.

*Fill out the 10 question survey 2 mins max here

Where is the Police Station, Job Centre, Drug Rehab Centre? Would you like anything else?

see Guardian Article could this be Hatherleigh?

There are 50plus houses for sale in Hatherleigh at 35 to let! as of 16 Jan 2012, re rightmove.

Your comments will be placed here for all to see, if you give us your name and address and it is relevant we will post it here. Also look at the petition on the right hand side of this page.

Send comments to here.

Letter From Alan Beaman "Hatherleigh Market Redevelopment – Lets Be Pro-active.
It is inevitable that Hatherleigh Market will be redeveloped in the future. This is a great asset to the Town for employment, as a market and as an informal public open space and it will be sorely missed. If it just closes and the land is developed for housing then Hatherleigh will never be the same again. It's closure will have a major impact on the community and change the whole character of the Town.
To ensure that these impacts are minimised the Town needs to decide what it wants from the redevelopment. The community needs to work with the owner of the market to come to a mutually acceptable arrangement.  This might be giving the owner every support in the redevelopment on the understanding that a portion of land and buildings are set aside for a pannier market/informal open space such as used for the Carnival etc. Continuation of a livestock market is probably not going to happen as the demand for this service has fallen in recent years. There are more modern markets within  20 miles of Hatherleigh and many livestock sales now take place online.
The first step is to estimate the optimum area needed for a viable market/public open space, then identify which part of the present development might be suitable and start negotiations.  It would be hoped that for the co-operation and support by the community, the owner would make this area available on favourable terms to the community, either as a gift to the Town or at a market land valuation rather than a housing development valuation.
If it comes to the Town having to purchase the land then it can be done by subscription, donations and fund raising. This is how the Community Centre was built. The running of the market will not be a problem as there are several organisations who would be willing to take this on.
The proposed closure and redevelopment of Hatherleigh Market is an opportunity to actually improve the town's facilities. A compact and efficiently run pannier market with modern facilities  could be a boon to the community."

The Best Markets in the UK click here (the BBC food programme)

Vick's Hatherleigh Market
Now it is under threat! Comments received Here
Hatherleigh Market, Devon, EX20 3HT.
Telephone 01837 810496 Fax 01837 810885

Please write to your MP and Borough Councillor with your views regarding the Market, details below

Please write ideally to your Councillor (West Devon Councillors addresses can be found here) to show your concerns and also to your MP, Mr Mel Stride House of Commons,
London, SW1A 0AA Tel. 01392 823336 Email: melstride@centraldevonconservatives.com Torridge & West Devon Constituency Mr Geoffrey Cox House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Tel. 01237 459001 Email: tellgeoffrey@geoffreycox.co.uk and any one else you can think of. It is important that we make our views known to the elected represenatives as soon as possible.


Minutes Here (Acrobat required - click here for free download)


Alan Beaman's comments on the meeting here

The council has proposed a working party with a cross section of the public.

Your comments here also see petition below


A Comment from the Council

It is the duty of Hatherleigh Town Council to represent our community in Hatherleigh and we take this responsibility seriously. We listened carefully to the views and concerns expressed at the Council meeting on 9th August 2011 and will, of course, ensure that this information is passed on and that the concerns are taken into consideration as the plans for the market progress. We are determined to ensure that any development of Hatherleigh Market brings as much benefit as possible to the town.
The market site is currently privately owned, and the owners of the site are entitled to decide how they use this land. Currently they have announced that they plan to sell the land for development, but rather than drawing up these plans entirely privately they have opted to consult with the community to give an opportunity for everyone to express their opinions and make suggestions about how the development could bring benefits to Hatherleigh.
The first stage of this consultation was carried out during July and August 2011, including a public meeting on 14th July at which some initial thoughts and ideas were displayed. The results of this are currently being analysed, and the developers will provide a synopsis of the results of this to Hatherleigh Town Council. When we receive this, we will make it available on our website (www.hatherleightowncouncil.org), and will place a copy at the Community Centre for those without internet access.
The developers will then draw up outline plans for the development, and at this point they intend to display these plans publicly for further community feedback. Once this is complete, they will make any adjustments and submit a formal planning application to WDBC
As with every planning application, Hatherleigh Town Council will be consulted on these plans, and we will have an opportunity to register any concerns and suggestions formally on behalf of the community. Of course any individual or business can also write or email to comment on the plans at this stage.
These representations will be taken into account by West Devon Borough Council in making their planning decision, but ultimately the decision lies with them.
We will keep everyone informed on progress via our website and will place an update in the Parish Pump each month. We will also ensure that any public consultations are publicised as widely as possible including displaying posters throughout town. Please look out for further information which we will publish as soon as it becomes available to us.

Any Comments?

Please email the Council or Hatherleigh.net here.

Is the development anything to do with greed organised by their ancestors? A bit like Henry VIII or was it William the conqueror? When land was given away to the great subservient?

Over a hundred members of the public went to a meeting of the Parish Council on 9th August 2011 of which the main item was the presentation of the ideas of the Architects, http://www.lhc.net/. Before the council meeting began, three residents presented the case to keep the livestock market, they were Cindy Squire, Madeline Taylor and Neil Price. Click on their names to see transcripts. If you are in agreement please sign the petition below.

After the speeches the Mayor, Mr Graham Alford, informed that all future meeting concerning the Market would be promoted in the Parish Pump and on the Council Website. The architects were then asked to present their thoughts when their representative said that they had over 300 ideas and thoughts from the consultation in July. It was also requested that future consultations etc. be carried out on Tuesdays as this would allow more interested parties to take part.

Documents of interest


(Acrobat required - click here for free download)

Subimission to West Devon Counciul Environmental Impact

2008 employment survey from West Devon Consultanhs

Plans from the Architects

West Devon Adopted Local Plan 2005

Localism in action guide

West Devon Planning Guidance Html Flash

Market Car Park only claimed by the Vicks in 2005

Over 98% of people who commented on the planning application were against the application. Demorcacy Works!

Hatherleigh Market Tomorrow?

Hatherleigh Market Today

Hatherleigh Market in the 1950's









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