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Page updated: October 13, 2008

Island Party 2008

Hawaian Island

August 16th started out rainy (like most of the 2008 summer) but the wind and wet managed to stay away almost all evening. The Committee had nevertheless organised plenty of cover, but the attendance fell short of last year - perhaps because of the wet, but more likely because of economic cirumstances and othr events in the town.

The picture right - taken at about 6pm - gives a hint of the weather forecast.

Beautiful Bev (she ex-of the George) turned up from London to help! Hawaiin was the theme and an assortment of well-boots, jeans and tops accompanied the grass skirts and gaudy shirts of necessity.

Two duck races were held, and Rob and Dave provided orchestral support later in the evening. Dob and Rave have now reached the dizzy heights of being 'not bad' - keep it up lads - and to celebrate, not to mention to counter the hundreds of complaints we've had (from Dave) that they were not featured in our picture report of the Festival, we've included a few candid shots of their various nostrils and mouths. ;-)

The duck race turned out more like a rehearsal for the Walruses, what with the surfers, firemen and lots of splashing and swimming involved. The river was running fairly high and fast so the course was a lot longer than normal, but each race took less time.

This was an excellently-run event with plenty happening. Pity about the attendance. Does next year need a re-think? Dunno. But it never pays to stick with the same old formula for too long.

We hear that £1000 was raised during the evening, a creditable return considering the challenges.

Kay Stevens wrote: "The committee would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Hawaiian Party and Duck Race, especially to Rob and Dave for their entertainment and to Will Kivell for DJ-ing. Also, many thanks to Helen Reddaway for her amazing art work on the by-pass and to Lucy Wonnacott for retrieving the winning ducks. Approx £1000 was raised, a fantastic amount! We look forward to seeing you next year!"



Some Hawaian flavour to start with

Nice wellies!

A fir tree doubled as a palm, complete with coconuts!

Who didn't want to be photographed?

Who got gently helped into the river ...
and then splashed mercilessly?
Bob and Weave

No, not Sam or Cave, but a passing troubadour
who wanted to sing 'Jolene'. Not bad he was either.
The Duck Races

First, get your priorities straight.

Then, lark about!

Next, this being a duck race, get some
chicken wire to catch them!

Then, start them off!

At the finishing line.


All cornered ... eventually.


Come on in, the water's fine!

Starting the second race.

6 centre forwards, three half backs and two full backs!
Maybe Scolari could learn a few things!

Capturing the winners.

Finally, more chaos!

Included because it's a nice picture. Well done, Chairman Mark, on helping organise a great evening.

Rob and friends - (sorry for the delay in uploading Rob).


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