Fun! What Fun!

Today, Fun, was the name of the game, a woman driver rescued by the Hatherleigh Firemen, birds of prey swooped down, hopefully no one beat the batsman as the police were not present. The highlight for our canine friends was the chance to show off their prowess and rivalry almost got to a bark but they were all very well behaved especially as the Judge, Bryony, was also on duty to make sure that the horses were fit to run in the annual “Hatherleigh Gold Cup Meeting”. She had her wits about her when the Phil Pyle, the clerk of the course, the head steward, Starter, the Judge, Tipster, Master of Ceremonies and owner of “Honest Phil” he tried to disqualify the other horses in the last race of the day which ended up in a photo finish, when he thought everyone was as drunk as he was, I was too, as I bet on “Honest Phil” thinking that it must be rigged but just gave my money away to the Devon Ambulance a worthy cause. But along came Bryony, the local vet and checked the horses over and declared them to be fit and healthy with no drugs in their systems. Bad luck Phil and me! The Ferrets also ran every hour but never in my favour story of my life I should have gone to the fortune teller! But what fun was had. The only complaint I heard was that I don't want to miss the Birds of Prey but the Punch and Judy is on at the same time! Looking through the programme I missed so much., but not the Bar. Sumo Wrestling, sorry girls only inflatable stomachs full of wind not the real Japanese Men with real “handles”. While the youngsters raced against each other, and Richard of RTIS took control. He wasn't aware of the risks taken on the bouncy castle.
At the end of the day “The Rotary Club of Hatherleigh” laid on a great affair where fun was had by all including me, who might have won the whiskey draw but threw his ticket away! Well if I do feel ill the Air Ambulance will be there! People old and young were relaxing and having fun the Majorettesperformed their stuff. The pictures above and below other might be added later others might be added later!

Waiting for the kill