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 Genealogy and 'old villagers'
-- About people and families in old Hatherleigh.
-- Use this if the other Topics don't seem right.
 Historical Hatherleigh
-- Anything to do with 'old' Hatherleigh except people or family history - that's below!
 Local Advertisements
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 Visitor Feedback
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Genealogy and 'old villagers'
SubjectPosted ByDateReplies
Hunkin/Hutching familyCathy Green17/08/2008 20:11:260
C19th Hatherleigh EducationAlison Trowell10/06/2008 12:34:000
SchoolingAlison Trlowell10/06/2008 09:31:000
Moving to HatherleighC Simmonds23/04/2008 21:56:000
Moving to Hatherleighpaul latham29/02/2008 21:51:002
hatherleigh schooljames sanders14/01/2008 16:38:000
Sanders Family Tree in HatherleighJames25/09/2007 21:47:004
festivalgeoff11/07/2007 13:48:000
I live in Toronto. Are we connected?Alec Melkonian10/04/2007 17:42:001
Lethbridge FamilyRobert Lethbridge18/12/2006 16:27:000
May SandersTrevor MacDermott31/08/2006 19:09:001
Berry familyMaree Crase23/07/2006 09:06:000
Collacott family nameBarry Collacott27/05/2006 22:59:003
Bowden FamilyDerek Crompton26/05/2006 14:45:006
The ParnicottsSarah Jones17/04/2006 21:35:000
Two families from HatherleighJames Bruckman16/01/2006 17:28:001
Boles, Balsdon and Copplestone FamiliesDarcy Martin25/11/2005 18:23:001

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