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Recipe Proceeds to go to Defibrillator

Exbourne Sampford Courtenay and Jacobstowe WI have published book of members' favourite recipes, compiled as part of its 80th Anniversary celebrations. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to fundraising for a defibrillator for Exbourne, a campaign being led by 9 year old Joel Sawyer from the village. Jane Stewart, President of the WI Branch, said: “We decided to donate any proceeds from the book to Joel's project after he came to talk to us about his plans. We think it is a very worthwhile cause and, additionally, a very commendable idea from the very young boy.” Copies of the book are available at £5 from The Burrow Community Shop and The Red Lion Pub in Exbourne, or by calling Jane on 01837 851300. Our picture shows Mrs Kathlyn Neno of Exbourne Sampford Courtney and Jacobstowe WI buying her copy from Lucy Baker at the Burrow.

The Blimp - over 200 visited

Jayne Egan, on behalf of JACEX-WTAG, wrote: "We have been overwhelmed by the amount of publicity and support generated by the flying of the Blimp; many people who had not expected to see the Blimp were shocked to see it from their homes and gardens and rushed straight to the Blimp site to find out more; we even had joggers and walkers who were enjoying the scenery from Hatherleigh Moor beating a path to the Blimp.   

JACEX-WTAG have decided to take no further action to generate any publicity until after 24th June.  This is the date of the public meeting regarding the Heane Farm, Hatherleigh wind turbine; we don't want to detract from the campaign against that turbine which is, after all, adjacent to Hatherleigh Town and also in full view from Hatherleigh Moor.  This is a crucial meeting in their campaign at an important stage of the planning process and we are loathe to detract from the publicity which their campaign should rightly have.

We shall be announcing further details soon but, in the meantime, should like to thank everyone who sent us photographs from their homes, gardens and favourite beauty spots, those who took the time to call out to visit us (we lost count at 187 visitors as the group were inundated with a rush just before the Blimp came down though the actual figure would be in excess of 200), and for all the messages of support which were left with us or have been received subsequently." 

The Heane Farm meeting is on Tuesday June 24th at 7pm in the Community Center. Why not attend and boost the numbers? Working together must be more effective! Full details HERE.

Quarrying Exposed, with Three Musketeers to come

The meeting of Exbourne Local History Group was well attended, the speaker being Jon Lloyd (an Exbourne resident) who was the former area production manager at Meeth Clay Works. Jon gave a presentation on the history of the Meeth Clay Works, which was owned by ECC Ball Clay Ltd until it was sold to the French company, Imerys. In 1895 investigations were carried out, and clay deposits were found and in 1925 work started at Woolladon Farm and clay was transported to Sampford Courtenay station at a charge of 12/6 a load. In 1925 the railway line to Bideford was completed and was used to transport the clay. At this time the managing director earned £400 per annum and the workers about £100. After 1926, Woolladon quarry was abandoned to concentrate on mining at Meeth. There were 5 different grades of clay and by the 1970's, 70,000 plus tons were produced, and 4,000 trees were planted per year to landscape the waste tips. About 40 men were employed. Production ceased in 2004 and in 2013, 370 acres were sold to the Devon Wildlife Trust. The next meeting of the History Group will be held in the village hall on Tuesday 22 July, when Mike Luxton will give a presentation on Exbourne Rifle Range and its ‘Three Musketeers'. A look back to a forgotten piece of parish history and its characters. Visitors always welcome at £2 per person.

Dark Clouds over Jacobstowe

It must have been the most-photographed Blimp in the world on Saturday when it flew over Broomford Manor estate, moored barely 75 metres from the intended site of a 77m high wind turbine on neighbouring West Down Farm. Arranged by the newly-formed Jacobstowe and Exbourne Wind Turbine Action Group (jacex-wtag is a slightly easier mouthful!) the event aimed to demonstrate the scale of the planned turbine and its visual impact. Broomford Manor owners Jim and Jayne Egan allowed the Group to fly the Blimp from a field right next to the proposed site of the turbine and local residents turned out in force to support the anti-turbine cause. The field was open all day and we're trying now to find out how many actually turned up overall. Afterwards, we drove to some of the viewpoint hot-spots in and around Jacobstowe, Hatherleigh and elsewhere to photograph the Blimp from different locations. Some of the results surprised even us. Those pictures will be online shortly along with, we expect, loads more from the many other people who went on the same pilgrimage! This story is also being published HERE with extra info about the Heane Farm project for a similar 77m turbine near Hatherleigh, which is approaching its final decision now. You can find official planning details of that project HERE. To be continued. PS: There's a public meeting on Tuesday June 24th in Hatherleigh Community Centre at 7pm (see story above) to discuss the Heane Farm Turbine, which is close to a final decision. All parishes are being invited, which makes sense because there's a better chance of success working together. SEE POSTER

History Visit

Twenty members of the ELHG visited Torrington for their annual day out on Tuesday 20th May. Their first call was to Torrington 1646 (picture shows members on entering the building) where they toured the exhibition and heard details of how Torrington became involved in the Civil War. Costumes of the 17c were paraded by various members of the group and medical treatments of the time were explained in great detail. The tour ended when the group visited the herb garden, with an explanation of how the herbs were used for medication in that period of history. Following lunch, members visited the Torrington Museum and had a guided tour of the older parts of the town.

Proposed Wind Turbine: All single-frame images, says Holistic

We earlier asked Holistic Ideas, the agent for wind company Aeolus who is behind the Jacobstowe Wind Turbine proposal, for a copy of their 'visual impact' photomontage taken from Hatherleigh Moor.

Holistic has kindly provided this, together with responses to the points in Jim Egan's letter (see below). They said:

  • As requested, we have attached our photomontage from the bench by the gate to the Grade II listed Morris Monument (see left. click to see large image).
  • All images which we have shown so far are single frame images.
  • Note that when standing at our viewpoint locations with our images correctly printed and held, the relative heights of the surrounding trees and the proposed turbine on our images can be seen to give a robust impression of the scale of the turbine and distance to the turbine, as required by the Landscape Institute official guidelines.
  • If, in future, we publish photomontages with images from multiple frames we will label them accordingly.
  • Neither shadow flicker nor unacceptable noise levels will extend to any residences (the nearest is 703m away, from OS data) not financially involved in the project nor impact upon people moving along the passing roads or any public rights of way (the nearest is the A386, 647m away, from OS data).
  • The nearest public bridleway joins the B3216 north of Dunsland Court.

I trust that this information helps your balanced reporting.

Phil Cookson
Managing Director
Holistic Ideas Ltd

Commissioner's Surgery

Tony Hogg, Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner is holding a surgery in Hatherleigh Community Centre on Thursday May 15th. It's a chance to ask questions personally so if you have pressing issues about policing then this might be the ideal opportunity. He's in town from 2pm till 5pm but you need to book a 20 min slot in advance. Click the image for full details.

Proposed Wind Turbine: a Neighbour's Assessment

Following our report on the turbine exhibition and the visual impact images presented by consultants Holistic Ideas, we received this message from Jim Egan, who is owner of the adjacent Broomford Manor Estate. Here's the crux of what he had to say, together with his reference material (click the thumbnails to see larger images):

  1. The photo montages displayed at the consultation meeting were inaccurate and the consultants appear to have intentionally reduced the visual impact of the wind turbine. The presence of the proposed wind turbine, 250ft high (77m), on a hill approx. 480ft above sea level, would have a disastrous visual effect for several miles around the site. Please find attached an article from 'The Times' dated 15.7.12 related to the photo trickery in this matter.
  2. Proven health problems with wind turbines include noise and shadow flicker. The latter is also potentially dangerous to horse riders where an established riding track is located within 150 metres of the proposed wind turbine. The riders include young children with their ponies.
  3. Property prices within sight of a wind turbine are widely known to be devalued.
  4. Renewable energy is a necessity but wind turbines are better suited on obscure mountains or offshore. This form of energy is proven as the most inefficient form of electricity production. They don't function in calm weather conditions and are sometimes turned off in windy conditions, whereon the energy companies are actually paid for doing so! Thus the consumers via their electricity charges finance the energy company and the landowners. I attach two articles ex 'Times' 03/04/14 relating to the latter (see right).


Jim Egan
Broomford Manor

Editor's Note: If you disagree, or indeed agree, with Jim's assessment above then let us know. These are important issues for Exbourne, Jacobstowe and indeed Hatherleigh and surrounding areas so it's essential all arguments are heard. We reserve the right to edit all material received.

History Book

Exbourne Local History Group recently organised a meeting of all its members and researchers to launch its new book.  This is the second book the group has produced and is entitled "The story of some 18th Century buildings in Exbourne".  It is the culmination of 15 months hard work by researchers as the result of a Heritage Lottery Grant "All our Stories" programme.  Four farms and four dwellings in the parish were researched, mostly by their occupants, with an amazing amount of history uncovered.  The book contains many of the facts and photographs which were displayed in the Village Hall at an exhibition in January and was compiled and edited by Gaye Langham and Sue Rose.  The ELGH's chairman, Mike Luxton, expressed thanks to Gaye (right) and Sue (left) for all their hard work and they were each presented with some Dartington Glass in appreciation.  Drinks and nibbles were available at the launch and a very enjoyable evening was had by all who attended.  The book is available at £5 per copy plus postage and packing from Dave Weeks - telephone 01837 851379 or e-mail dmweeks@tiscali.co.uk

Playing Fields - Join the New Commitee

The Playing Field Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st May at 7 p.m in the Burrow. It is important to keep our Playing Field for the Village and School and there are several people on the existing Committee who feel it is time to relinquish their role and let younger and more active members of the Community take the lead, so your presence, ideas and enthusiasm would be appreciated. There are outline plans in place for extra parking and improved facilities but these need to be pursued, so all are very welcome to attend and help form a vibrant new Committee to ensure the life of the Playing Field for future generations.

Turbine Campaign Heats Up

Behind the scenes the proposed Jacobstowe Wind Turbine is making waves! As you'd expect there's lots of opposition but also some support, as shown left in a picture captured Saturday at Jacobstowe road junction. There are first indications of a public meeting being called; expect more news shortly. We've reached out to Holistic Ideas, the consultants behind the project, for their latest news and will report back their responses here. Watch this space!



The Winner and his Trophy

Freddy (see story below) finally received his trophy for being a good patient. He's got a medal for his collar too! And a certificate! Here he is, wondering what all the fuss is about.



Wind Turbine: More Images

Click all thumbnails to view larger image

(Supplied by Holistic)
(Supplied by Holistic)
(our photo of Holistic's display)

VIEW FROM A3072 IN VICINITY OF GLEBE HOUSE (approaching Jacobstowe Bridge. Our photo of Holistic's display).

Note: the line shows the ground surface and the relative height of the turbine. The turbine itself would be on the other side of the trees so only the blade tips would show.)

Watch out for our special Turbine page, coming soon

North Devon CAMRA Success for Red Lion

The Red Lion pub in Exbourne has beaten all comers to be voted Pub of the Year in North Devon. Here's a delighted Nick Hamlyn with the special banner that's just today gone up on the front of the pub. So what's the secret of your success Nick? Well, Nick told us, "it took us 5 years to reach this point. We've been in the Good Beer guide all that time and we've managed to build a reputation for quality and consistency. Any CAMRA members - we know the locals but anyone from elsewhere in the country can call in unannounced - can vote for us on the CAMRA web site. This year, that worked so well that we ended up shortlisted along with three other North Devon pubs, among them two previous winners! We were then scrutinised personally by CAMRA judges on all kinds of topics, including our beer of course, and bingo ... we were awarded the top slot." The Red Lion is holding a Beer Festival this weekend, with 10 beers on tap and events every evening from Thursday to Sunday. More details right for the interesting line-up. Nick's award will be presented tomorrow night. We recommend the Jail Ale BTW!

Wind Turbines: An Update

We met with Phil Cookson of Holistic, the company promoting the turbine project, yesterday during their exhibition of the details. He kindly spent time explaining the background and talking us through the various charts, photos and wire frame drawings on show.

First the location. West Down Farm is adjacent to the A386, roughly half way between Bassetts Cross and Lamerton Cross. The turbine would therefore be sited on the away side of Broomford 'hill' to Exbourne. From the Exbourne/Jacobstowe point of view the visual impact can be considered 'slight'. From the village itself it will not be seen. And only from a few positions on the A3072 does it show through the various treelines. Holistic showed mock-up pictures taken from the road outside Glebe House and from roughly the Solland farm entrance. From the former you would see just the top of the blades; from the the latter you would see most of the blades but at a such a distance that the impact is minor. Even from the Exbourne playing field, the view will be generally blocked by trees and hedges, although where there are gaps it will be possible to see some or all of the blades. From Jacobstowe itself, the view is pretty much zero. As you approach Bassett's Cross or Lammerton Cross the view will change of course but, as Holistic pointed out, there are many trees and hedges in the way almost everywhere.

Perhaps the biggest visual impact could be from the A386, approaching from Folly Gate. At the exhibition it was clear that some people are worried about the view from Hatherleigh Moor and recognising that this might be so, Holistic had prepared photographs taken from the Morris Monument looking towards Dartmoor. From that angle, the turbine will be clearly seen but again from such a distance that it will be small in the overall panorama. Does it impact negatively on the view? That of course is a subjective judgement that depends as much on your eyesight as it does on your feelings about wind turbines in general.

Holistic have been kind enough to send us copies of some of their mock-up photos. We'll have them on line here shortly for reference. In the meantime, if you want to express an opinion on any of the above, or the project in general, please email editor@hatherleigh.net. (Please take note of our 'rules of engagement' in the story below).

BTW: we hear that a similar turbine, or a biomas plant, or a solar panel farm, are all being considered for a site on Runnon Moor, just west of Hatherleigh. That project is not as far advanced as at West Down Farm.

Wind Turbines: Get the Facts!


As interest grows in the 77m high wind turbine proposed for a site at West Down in Jacobstowe there's naturally a lot of suspicion and emotion. Our sister site Hatherleigh.net has been covering the story for some time (see HERE or click the signpost link in our header above) and it's worth taking a look at that front page now. Note that there's an exhibition of the project in Hatherleigh Community Centre today, April 10th, from 2:30pm to 7:30pm - (see also EVENTS right), by the company Holistic who are helping promote the scheme. If you are keen to find out more then please visit the exhibition and get the facts. Naturally people expect us to publicise the project here, together with their opinions. We will do that in a balanced way and ask that contributions are measured, honest and accurate. Normal journalistic principles will apply. We are attending the exhibition. Expect a report shortly.

Note: there is a separate turbine proposed for a site just west of Hatherleigh. We understand that turbine to also be 77m.

Aaaaah! The Winner

We asked Jane for a picture of Freddy with his award (see story below) but nothing has arrived yet so here's a recent shot of him, just to keep things going.

And another won of him and his buddy Duncan at the Retreat, near Meldon where Freddy had hydrotherapy treatment when he was going through rehabilitation.

Local History Group AGM

The AGM of the Exbourne Local History Group on Tuesday 18 March was extremely well attended. The chairman, Mike Luxton, reported that the meetings had been addressed by speakers covering a wide spectrum of topics. The highlight of the year being the exhibition in January, which displayed the research of properties carried out as a result of a Heritage Lottery Grant. Mr Luxton placed on record the group's appreciation for the extensive efforts of the researchers. He said that preparation continued for the launch of the book on Tuesday 15 April. The secretary, Rose Williams, reported on the draft programme for the forthcoming year and the treasurer, Dave Weeks presented a healthy financial statement. Officers and committee were re-elected for the coming year. Following the meeting, a short talk was given by Dave Weeks, entitled ‘Reminiscences of Postman'. He started as a part-time postman in Exbourne in 1960, doing a walking round. Due to motorisation he moved in 1971 to become a full time postman in Okehampton. Dave explained that it meant starting work some weeks at 4.15am. He went on to speak about the daily routine in the sorting office before starting deliveries, and shared the humorous side of the job and the many favours postmen did for customers. If anyone who saw the exhibition of research put on by the group in January, and have been inspired to investigate the history of your own home, the group has a large collection of information about the village to get you started. For help and advice please contact the group's Research Coordinator Gaye Langham on 01837 232.

Woof, Woof, Woof - Freddy won!

Hi Everyone, A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for Freddy in the Braveheart awards. We are please to tell you HE HAS WON !!!!!!! He will be presented with the winners cup and certificate very soon.  It will be on the Okeford website in due course. If you click on the Braveheart section you can see the others nominated in 2013.  Apparently he beat the opposition by a whisker. It was a mammoth task to get Freddy back to full health and we are truly grateful to everyone at Okeford Vets in Okehampton and Downs in Bristol for all they did to save Freddy. Thank you again for your votes. Yours ever, Jane Rod and FREDDY!!!!

Exbourne Sampford Courtenay and Jacobstowe WI

The February meeting of Exbourne Sampford Courtenay and Jacobstowe WI took place on March 6th at 2.30 at Exbourne Village Hall. The speaker was Pam Kemp who gave a very informative, colourful and personal account of Antarctica. Our Jumble Sale will take place in Exbourne Village Hall on the 22nd March at 2.15pm, with our famous 'nearly new' rail and new venture of 'jumble' jam. The next meeting is on Thursday April 3rd at Sampford Courtenay Village Hall at 7.30pm. The speaker will be Alan French – Plants for your Garden. On May 1st the speaker will be John Lewis Great Western Morris – The History of Morris Dancing. A warm welcome to anyone who would like to come and hear any of our speakers.

Council Catch Up

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a dearth of Council Minutes since September 2013. Well, we caught up, thanks to Secretary marilyn Weeks who has just sent us October's, November's and January's (there was no meeting in December). Find them here.

Woof, Woof - It's Braveheart Time

It's voting time for the Braveheart awards and Freddy needs your vote to put him in with a chance.  Every vote counts so if you are a couple please vote separately. And if you know someone else who knows Freddy then get them to vote too!! Email ciara@okefordvets.co.uk and say you want to vote for Freddy in the 2013 Braveheart awards … don't forget to add your name! Freddy won an award last May because of his courage and bravery after his accident. This award is for the overall winner of the year. Thank you, from Jane and Rod and woof woof from Freddy!

History Group Postcard Show

Exbourne Local History Group held their latest meeting in the village hall on Tuesday 18 February. The speaker was Paul Rendell who gave a presentation about "Okehampton through Times". He had slides of postcards that he had collected and made into a book of Okehampton - past and present, matching old postcards with more modern ones. He explained that there were 12 churches in times past and showed the photo of the belfry door (with 1844 carved on it) of All Saints, which was all that there was left of the church which burnt in 1843. There were 17 pubs in 1850 as well as 4 hotels in Station Road, the houses there being built with slate from the slate quarry at Fatherford. There was a hotel at the top end of the Victorian Arcade, which is now flats. A building in the main street housed the Okehampton Town Bank and printed and distributed Okehampton's own bank notes. He was thanked by Rod Stewart. The next meeting is on Tuesday 18 March at 7.30pm. This will be the AGM. All welcome.

WI 80th to be Celebrated

On Sunday 16th February 2014 Exbourne Sampford Courtenay and Jacobstowe Women's Institute will celebrate its 80th Anniversary. There will be a Thanksgiving Service in St Mary's Church Exbourne at 11a.m., led by Dr Michael Winter with readings by WI members, and the service will include singing by the choir. The service is for everyone, not just WI members, and we hope to see as many people as possible to celebrate this wonderful occasion. In the afternoon there is to be a private party for current and past members including husbands and partners. The speaker will be Mrs Val Bugden Cawsey. Celebration cakes are being made by members Mrs Ethel Nancekivell and Mrs Milsom Smith. Our photo was taken at the 21st Anniversary of the Institute. Mrs Kath Neno, still active in the Institute and our longest serving member, is third from the right in the front row.

History Exhibition "extremely well attended"

The Exbourne Local History Group held an extremely well attended exhibition, featuring research findings of eight of the 18th century properties in the parish. Exhibits on display were in conjunction with Heritage Lottery Fund "All our Stories" Grant Project. Hilary Bracegirdle, from Heritage Lottery, said that the grant to ELHG was one of the smaller grants allocated, but she was immensly impressed with the details and quality of the researchers work. The event was opened by the Mayor and Mayoress of West Devon Borough Council, Cllr and Mrs William Cann. Cllr Cann said it was important that the history of parishes were recorded and he congratulated the local group for their work.   Photo shows Exbourne Researchers, with the Mayor and Mayoress of WDBC and Hilary Bracegirdle (looking over Mayor's right shoulder) from Heritage Lottery Fund.

Dog Chipping - the Law is Changing

Did you know that as from the 6th April 2016 you must have your dog microchipped? The Dog's Trust is offering a FREE Microchipping service at The Burrow Café in Exbourne on Friday 7th February between 10am – 12 noon, so get yourself and your pooch along there between those times and make sure your pet is perfect. West Devon Borough Council Customer Service Advisor will also attend to help with council and other public service enquiries. Everyone Welcome. CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD the poster as a pdf, OR THIS LINK as a .jpg

History Day

Click to read the full-sized poster of the History Group's "All Our Stories" day later this month.

Hospice Talk for WI

The next meeting of Exbourne Sampford Courtenay and Jacobstowe WI is on Thursday February 6th at 2.30pm in Exbourne Village Hall. The speaker is Emma Perry from Little Bridge House, Children's Hospice South West. All Welcome. Additionally, it will be our WI's 80th Anniversary and we are having a celebration afternoon tea on Sunday 16th February in Exbourne Village Hall. Past members are welcome to come along. Please contact Gloria Sherbourne 851710 or Jane Stewart 851300. Tickets cost £7.50. Husbands/Partners welcome too.

Dinner Time for Historians

Twenty four members of ELHG and partners attended the Christmas dinner at the Red Lion, Exbourne. Their thanks go to Nick, Cathy and staff for providing a thoroughly enjoyable meal. Everyone is invited along to the group's exhibition "All our Stories" to be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 18th January 2014 from 2 pm. Entry is free.


Join the Choir for Carols

On Friday 20th December the choir will Carol Sing around Exbourne village and afterwards at the Red Lion. There is an open invitation to anyone who wants to join in. There will be a collection for the Devon Air Ambulance and the Children's Hospice South West.  Start time is 6.00pm, to accommodate any children who may wish to come. The attached flyer says words will be supplied so all you need do is turn up on the night. Oh, and there's a recommendation that you dress up warmly!

Soups and Puds help Village Hall

Business was brisk at the first Soup and Pud Lunch organised in aid of the Exbourne Village Hall. More than 40 enjoyed a choice of home-made soups and a selection of puds followed by tea or coffee. The lucky number admission ticket was won by Mrs Nancekivell. The event raised £251 towards the refurbishment of the Village Hall. The committee would like to thank everyone for their support. The next event in the programme of fundraisers is the Christmas Concert on Friday 13th December.

Tinners, Warreners, Wabbits

No, neither did we, but the Local History Group does! The Group met in the village hall on Tuesday 19 November when the speaker was Tom Soby from Okehampton, who gave a very informative talk with slides entitled ‘Tinners, Warreners and Wabbits'. He explained how tin was mined on Dartmoor from very early times and also how rabbits featured largely in the life of Dartmoor. He was thanked by Jane Stewart. There is no meeting in December, members having a Christmas meal at the Red Lion. On Saturday January 18 there is the Project Celebration of all the research carried out about some farms and cottages in the parish. With the help of a Lottery Grant much has been achieved and the public are invited to the village hall at 2pm for the exhibition to be opened by the Mayor of West Devon, Cllr Bill Cann OBE. Entry will be free and cream teas will be available.

Stir it up with the WI

Exbourne, Sampford Courtenay and Jacobstowe Women's Institute invite you to join them on Sunday 24th November in Exbourne Village Hall from 2.30pm when they will be "Stirring Up" their Christmas Puddings and serving Tea, Mulled Wine and Minced Pies. There will be some home made mincemeat for sale too. Oh, and a Raffle is being held (see below)!

If you haven't ordered your pudding yet, call 851399 or email Jane. Prices are: 1lb pudding - £5; 2lb pudding - £10. The deadline for pudding orders is 23rd November 2013.

The puddings were an outstanding success last year. The bowl is wrapped in Muslin (see picture) and has a WI label should you wish to purchase one as a gift. Raffle tickets are available at The Burrow shop, and on Stir it Up Sunday itself. Prizes include a wonderful Christmas Hamper with lots of home made WI preserves, a small Christmas Cake and one of the WI's famous Christmas Puddings. The raffle will be drawn on the 24th November. The puddings are being steamed at The Burrow.

Minutes online

The latest Parish Council Meeting minutes are online here

Devon Dialect Success

A local lady has had success with a national dialect event held here in Devon. See this website. During the two day event four dialect competitions were held involving contestants from eight regions of England. Exbourne resident Margaret Weeks, pictured with the organiser Bill Murray, won the Sam Laycock Trophy for the best overall performance by a contestant from the host county.


Local History Update

The Local History Group meeting in the village hall on Tuesday 15 October was well attended. The speaker was Brian Abell who gave a presentation of the History of Hatherleigh. He had many photographs of Hatherleigh, some of them from the late 1800's and early 1900,s. He was thanked by Brian Butcher. The next meeting is on Tuesday 19 November in the village hall at 7.30pm. The speaker is Tom Soby, who will speak about “Tinners, Warreners and Wabbits”. Everyone very welcome.

WI Stir It, to Order

WI Stir-Up Sunday is 2.30pm in Exbourne Village Hall on the 24th November. Come along and buy mincemeat and mince pies and enjoy refreshments as we stir up puddings to order. Orders for Christmas Puddings are being taken NOW until 23rd November, by telephone on 01837 851300, or at The Burrow Shop.

Minutes Definitely On Line

Thanks to Marilyn, who spotted the gaps and sent the appropriate documents, we have been able to bring the Council Minutes record page fully up to date for the period May through to August. View them here.

Members Fill Historical Breach

Exbourne Local History Group held its monthly meeting on Tuesday 17 September. Unfortunately, the advertised speaker from the Wren Trust failed to turn up. Never the less the group carried on with a short meeting. Gaye Langham gave details of the progress of the Research Group's work in the parish. This work is being carried out as a result of a Heritage Lottery Grant. The final result will be displayed at a public exhibition on Saturday 18 January 2014. Full details of this exhibition will be advertised later this year. Sue Rose spoke of her visit to Tuckers Hall in Exeter. This 15C building was originally a chapel, converted to a meeting place in the 16C. It is the home of Exeter's Guild of Weavers. Inside the oak panelled walls date from the 17C with its original fine wagon roof. The next meeting will be held in the village hall on Tuesday 15 October at 7.30pm. The speaker will be Brian Abell and the subject “The History of Hatherleigh”. Visitors welcome.

Nick supports Tar Barrel Pull

Hatherleigh Tar Barrels pulled into the Red Lion on Saturday for a lunch break during their 10 Pub Pull around Devon. Landlord Nick arranged for some super pub grub to be on hand as the pullers slaked their thirst on his excellent local ales. Senior Chief Official Photographer's Assistant Geoff Hodgkinson, who took these pictures, said: "Nick's chips were so good I did not want to leave." There were another 5 pubs to visit so the barrels left on schedule for their next stop, the Golden Lion in Northlew. , But not before two former barrel pullers from the 1975 era - Dave Simmons and friend Richard - had their picture taken with the 2013 Tar Barrel set (see right). "These are smaller than we ones we used to pull," said Dave (far right) with a twinkle in his eye, "and we ran proper fast round the whole town in those days." There's more on the 10 Pub Pull with photos at hatherleigh.net.

Minutes Update

It was pointed out to us last week that the index page for Parish Council Meeting Minutes had not been updated for a while. oooooops, sorry, that was our fault. It's now been rectified. Find the page here.

Village Hall Revamp

Efforts to revive the fading Exbourne Village Hall are intensifying. The Committee recently organised a survey to find out what villagers think of the place and what can be done to improve things.

Sheila White asked us to make the results available on-line, hoping to generate still more interest and perhaps further ideas and support. Contact Sheila White if you have suggestions or ideas that might help. Or email editor@hatherleigh.net.

Attached is the results document. It's well worth downloading and studying. Download it here, or click the image.


Wall being Rebuilt - Road Closure Details

We've been asked to make this letter available on the web to ensure everyone knows what's happening with the wall rebuild at Townsend Farm.

Click this image to get a full sized version of the letter, which contains full details from the construction company, including an email address where you can get more info.










OR ... tell us what's happening in your own club, group or even road and we'll upload it for the world to read. email us or call 01837 851253

Any Hatherleigh organisation or person can have their material published here, courtesy of our sponsors. Clubs and Groups can have their own web address and an email address too if they wish. All free of charge. If you have your own web site, we can act as a portal to guide more visitors to your pages. Let's put Hatherleigh on the world map together.

Future Events

Click here for weekly events

Hatherleigh WW1 Commemoration and Concert - August 2 
The 2nd August is looming fast and tickets are now available for the Concert which is to be held at the Community Centre starting at 7.30pm.

Animal Blessing - August 3 
Animal Blessing This month will start with a regular special service: Animal Blessing on Sunday 3rd August. All pets (able to fit in the church) will be most welcome with their owners. It is so important to recognise the vital part the animal kingdom plays in everyone’s life, and while our pets, large and small, become part of the family and we cherish them as such, we also give thanks for farm and wild animals. Sadly we realise that there is still much cruelty, neglect and disregard for the welfare of animals and indeed the whole of the natural world and in our prayers we remember all this before God as well as thanking him for the beauty and variety of his creation.

Meeth Fete and Dog Show - August 9 
Old Rectory, more details to follow

History Society - August 11 
On Monday August 11th at 7pm we will be meeting in South Street at the entrance to Pound Meadow where a small plaque is to be unveiled by Mrs. Betty Willis marking the site of the old pound where stay animals were penned until redeemed by their owners. Brian Abell

Beer Festival - August 15 - August 17 
Iddesleigh Beer Festival, with Music at the Duke of York

Potty for Painting - August 16 - August 17 
On the weekend of 16th & 17th August,"Potty For Painting" will be offering weekend workshops at Badgers, Week, near Iddesleigh. Jilly Chandler will welcome all ages and abilities to come and paint some pottery - ranging from plates and mugs, to garden Gnomes, to wall tiles, to tea pots, to fairies, to figurines, to butter dishes etc! So come and try something new! View her website www.pottyforpainting.co.uk Bookings MUST be taken, by either e mailing jilly@pottyforpainting.co.uk or ringing 01837 811043, as numbers are limited - prices start at as little at £4.50 + £3.00 for studio fee - you can paint as many items as you like for one studio fee, this covers the cost of glazing the items and firing them in her kiln on the premises. Light lunch can be provided when booking at a cost of £5.00 per person which will include drinks.

Winkleigh Morris - August 19 
8pm Half Moon Sheepwash

Cider and Pasties in the Town Square on 30th Augustr not to the 20th

Rotary Beer Festival - August 23 
23rd August 2014 This year the Rotary Beer Festival will be held on Saturday 23rd August at the Cricket Club. There will be at least 8 different beers and ciders to sample. Live music will be provided by two bands but look out for the details nearer the time. This fund raising event is on behalf of the North Devon Hospice local Outreach Centre, to support at-home care.

Rotary Fun Day - August 24 
Sunday 24th August 2014 The event starts at 1.00pm. We hope to include even more local groups this year making it a real community event. There will be plenty of refreshments. As usual there will be our top quality BBQ, also cream teas, ice cream, popcorn and a bar. We hope there will plenty of local dog owners entering their pooches in the Dog Show. Although the final programme has not yet been fixed we hope to have several new attractions, as well as our traditional entertainments such as children's races, skittles, archery, ferret racing, bouncy castle etc. There will be a demonstration provided by the local Fire and Rescue Service. The Hatherleigh Ukulele Bashers will be playing along with a steel band but look out for further details when the programme is finalised nearer the time. The aims of the Rotary Club of Hatherleigh are to raise funds in order to support good causes both locally, nationally and internationally. This year the main beneficiaries of Fun Day will be Devon Air Ambulance and the Alzheimer Research UK.

Winkleigh Morris - August 26 
7:45pm New Inn Sampford Courtenay

Aquatic Arias and Sea Serenades - August 30 
An evening of music inspired by water and all things aquatic, with baritone, Barnaby Beer, sopranos Victoria Collier and Marianne Wight, with Gabriel Jones on the piano. Lower Pulworthy, Highampton, Devon EX21 5LQ, Saturday 30th August, 7.30pm. Tickets: On the door, £10, £5 (students), or free for under 12s. Call 01837 810273 Adam & Jane, or 01837 810042 Steve & Sandra, if you would like to reserve tickets in advance.

Cider and Pasty Evening - August 30 
Cider and Paty evening is NOT 20th but the 30th

Winkleigh Morris - September 2 
7:30pm Tally Ho Hatherleigh

Hatherleigh Charity Ball - September 6 
Hatherleigh Charity Ball Saturday 6 th September West Fishleigh Farm Black and white theme. With a sparkle. 1920 's Apply now for tickets Up to Tables of ten £50 per person 3 courses and cheese. Wine and port on the table Music. Silent auction and. draw In aid of cancer research ELF - Exeter leukaemia fund Epilepsy Hatherleigh Carnival. For tickets or offers of help please Call Carol 07785971960.

Slkittles - September 6 
The Parish Hall Committee are holding a skittles and BBQ evening on Saturday 6th Sept at 7.pm. Teams of 6 but even if you’re on your own please come and join us and we will fit you in. Telephone Peter Cobbledick 01805 804234 for more details and to book in a team.

Carnival Royalty evening - September 12 
Hatherleigh Community Centre 6:30pm followed by disco

Sunday 14th September 2014 at the Village Hall, Shebbear EX21 5RS. Over 20 stands offering a great selection of beautiful china, glassware, interesting ornaments, old clocks, pictures, antique furniture, books, textiles, old luggage, vintage and retro items and rural bygones. Doors open 12-4pm. Free entry. Superb refreshments. Donations to 'Help for Heroes' & hall funds. Enquires: Harvey Paulger 01409 281152.

Sunday 14th September 2014 at the Village Hall, Shebbear EX21 5RS. Over 20 stands offering a great selection of beautiful china, glassware, interesting ornaments, old clocks, pictures, antique furniture, books, textiles, old luggage, vintage and retro items and rural bygones. Doors open 12-4pm. Free entry. Superb refreshments. Donations to 'Help for Heroes' & hall funds. Enquires: Harvey Paulger 01409 281152.

Games Night - September 19 
SSeptember 19th Games Night, 8.00pm start Monkokehampton Old Schoolroom

Barn Dance - September 27 
Barn Dance Saturday 27th September, 7-11pm Hatherleigh Community Centre More details to follow.

Fashion Show - October 17 
Fashion Show, Charter Hall, Okehampton. 7.00pm for 7.30pm Tickets £10 including glass of wine and light refreshments.

Halloween - October 31 
October 31st Halloween. 6pm start Monkokehampton Old Schoolroom

Ruby market - December 6 
The Bumper Festive Ruby Country Market in Hatherleigh in December drew record crowds to the Market and the Town where some businesses reported 3 weeks business being done on a single day. The market dates for 2014 are :- Easter Saturday April 19th Saturday July 19th and Saturday December 6th. If you would like to stall at this ever popular event, please contact the organisers through the website www.rubycountrymarket.co.uk or ring 07855187364.

Winkleigh Morris - December 26 
Noon Duke of York Iddesleigh

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