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Gardeners Beat Weather

Anxious gardeners in Exbourne kept a close eye on the weather Sunday, not because of any risk to their plants but because a visit had been arranged to St Johns Park gardens during the afternoon. Shower after shower came through during the morning but the critical time slot of 3pm to 5pm remained dry and conditions were good for admiring the autumn growth spurt! 25 members of Exbourne Gardening Club came along to enjoy a walk that included the Builder's Yard, Goat Shed, Tree House, derelict Cottage, Well, Orchard and (future) Bog Garden. And that was just the outward trip. The return trip took in the formal lawns and flower beds, Hansel and Gretel's stove and the Parterre Herb Garden. A sumptious tea on formal Spode china was then enjoyed in the Barn/Garage, after which two films on garden topics were shown in Geoff's newly-built St Johns Park Studio. Sheila White from the Gardening Club organised the visit while Pam ran things on site with help from Moira (parking valet), Angie (cakes and teas) and Jane (teas). Picture shows Pam welcoming visitors to tea in the barn.

NB: Exbourne and Jacobstowe Council Page

We have been asked by the Council to point out that it now has its own web site HERE. For Council-specific activities it's best you use that address as our news here is usually a summary of key items only. Thank you.

Your Village, Your Say, 6th May

The Neighbourhood Plan Group is producing a series of newsletters that provide an introduction to some of the topics on which we will seek your views at a Community Consultation Day on 6th May in the Village Hall.  Issues 1 and 2 were hand delivered in February.  If you did not receive a copy then they are available to download at the Neighbourhood Plan website np.exbournewithjacobstowe.org.uk.

The Future of Open Spaces in Exbourne

The Neighbourhood Plan can offer special protection against development for certain green areas of particular importance known as “Local Green Spaces”.  We would like to know which green areas around the village are particularly important to you and why.  Nomination forms and further information on Local Green Spaces are available throughout March at the Burrow or on the Neighbourhood Plan website at np.exbournewithjacobstowe.org.uk.

Site Change

Exbourne with Jacobstowe Parish Council has it's own web site now. FIND IT HERE

Joint Local Plan

A new site is being considered for development in Exbourne by West Devon Borough Council, Plymouth City Council and South Hams District Council in their Joint Local Plan. You have an opportunity to comment on this, as well as a topic paper on the distribution of development, on their consultation portal at http://plymouth.objective.co.uk/portal/planning/jlp/.  The deadline for comments is 5.00 p.m. on 21 December 2016. 

Beaford Arts - A Reminder

Just a gentle reminder that the deadline is fast approaching (5th September) for the photo competition to 're-photograph' and re-interpret the selected James Ravilious photos of Exbourne and Hatherleigh (and any of the others if you feel like it!). Have a look at the web site, find the image you want to 're-photograph' and click 'more' for details of where the image is, and to upload your entry. Get out there and get snapping soon!! The digital image needs to be uploaded via the web site BEFORE 5th September! See here for details: http://photos.beaford-arts.org.uk/

Beaford Arts photo competition

Recognise this? Or the faces? This is one of James Revilious' images from the Beaford archives, sent to us to promote their photo 'New Perspectives:  Celebrating Beaford Arts at 50' competition celebrating their 50th Anniversary. You are invited to take a new photograph in response to those taken by James Ravilious along the lines of 25 samples now being shown on their web site HERE. Selected photos will be exhibited at The Goodwin Gallery, Petroc. There are more details on how to enter on the hatherleigh.net front page, along with another old image, this time of the market. Or, enter via the Beaford Arts photo comp page HERE.

Village Fete

The Community Fete will be held in and around the Village Hall on Saturday 25th June 2.15 pm, to celebrate life in the village and our Queens 90th birthday. There will be lots of stalls, delicious tea, a fantastic draw and much more besides. Do come along and enjoy an afternoon with friends, and help generate income for the churches and charities.

New Chairman for Parish Council

A list of councillors for the current year has just been published. Find it HERE. A notable change is that Steve Blakeman is now Chairman.

Annual Stuff from the Council

A flurry of documentation has arrived. It's useful stuff and we hope you enjoy reading it!

Council Catch Up

March's Minutes are now online HERE.

A Big Thank You

Last year hatherleigh.net helped promote the National Plant Monitoring Scheme, in which volunteers up and down the country went out to survey 1km 'squares' of land. We've just heard that this resulted in the recruitment of over 1100 volunteers. A message from the organisers has been received. It reads: "We thought you might be interested to see what your hard work has helped us achieve. Follow this link to see the results from 2015 and the projects plans for the year ahead. There are still lots of squares available for surveying so we would be hugely grateful if you can use your communication channels to promote the scheme again using either the newsletter (above) or the NPMS flyer. The live map on the NPMS website shows the squares that are available. We particularly need to promote the scheme in remote areas as well as areas containing coastal and upland habitats." The scheme is a partnership between Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI); JNCC; Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and Plantlife and is backed by the government. Volunteers survey 5 plots in a kilometre square close to where they live.

Parish Minutes, Agenda, and another Annual Meeting

Find the April minutes HERE. (March is missing - we're chasing them now)

The Annual Parish Council meeting Agenda is HERE.

The Agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting is HERE.

If you're confused by all these meetings and agenda (we are) we think this is the way things will work:

  • A) Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm
  • B) Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.45pm
  • C) May Parish Council Meeting at 8.0pm

If that's not right, could someone let us know please. ;-)

Annual Meeting Updates

The Annual Parish Meeting is to be held on Wednesday May 25th 2016 at 19.30 hrs in Exbourne Village Hall. HERE is the Agenda.

For the record, HERE are the 2015 Minutes.

More info for April Meeting

Here is some accounts information that you might need to know.

2016 Review of Budget
Section 1 of Accounting Statement
Section 2 of Accounting Statement

Agenda for April

Download the list of items to discuss HERE

Minutes for January and February

January is HERE; February is HERE

Agenda for March Meeting

Read it HERE

Agenda for Feb Council Meeting

Download it HERE.

Council Minutes

The November Parish Council Meeting minutes are HERE. "Quite interesting" would be a fair description - why not read them? You could be affected.

Neighbourhood Plan Updates

Here are some documents regarding recent NP activity.

Minutes October 2015
Minutes November 2015
Minutes January 2016

The NP now has its own web pages HERE

January's Council Agenda

January's meeting on Wednesday 27th will discuss these issues. The meeting starts at 20.00 in The Village Hall, Exbourne and members of the public are invited to address the Council at the start of the meeting.





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Visitor Report:
Monthly visits in Jan - Mar averaged 190 per day. Downloads of the Parish Pump have been particularly popular.

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Two new movies of the 2015 pulls on one disk with superb cover photographs from Geoff Hodgkinson. "The Morning Pull" covers the entire 10-min run and includes SledCam footage, music and history. "The Evening Pull" is a newsreel film featuring the Hatherleigh Silver Band. It's won two Festival awards so far.

Mail geoff@ggh.co.uk to order, or buy from Ruby Information Centre or The George Hotel. All proceeds to TB funds.


is on Nov 11th, 2017

Here's a flavour of the 2015 event

Queen 2015 (courtesy of Jilly Chandler)

Queen (2015)

Peter Rabbit (crepe paper, 2015)

Mary Poppins (pm, 2015)

Snap, Crackle, Pop (crepe paper 2015)

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