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Page updated: February 17, 2017

Exbourne with Jacobstowe Council Page

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Minutes Misc Agendae
2016 November    
2016 October    
2016 September    
2016 August    
2016 July    
2016 June  
2016 May    
2016 April    
2016 March    
2016 February    
2016 January    
2015 November    
2015 October    
  List of Councillors Nov 2015  
2015 Sept    
2015 August    
2015 July    
2015 June    
2015 May    
2015 Annual Meeting (Draft)    
2015 April   27th May 2015
2015 March List of Councillors March 2015 29th April 2015
2015 Feb    
2015 Jan    
2014 Nov    
2014 Oct    
2014 Sept    
2014 August    
2014 July    
2014 June    
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2013 Aug

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2012 March    
2012 February    
2012 January    
2011 November    
2011 October    
2011 September    
2011 August    
2011 July    
2011 June    
2011 May AGM and Council Meeting    
2011 April    
2011 March    
2011 February    
2011 January    
2010 November    
2010 October    
2010 September    
2010 August    
2010 July MInutes    
2010 June minutes    
2010 May AGM and meeting minutes    
2010 April Minutes    
2010 March Minutes List of 2010 Councillors

Annual Meeting and Council Meeting

2010 February Minutes    
2010 January Minutes    



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