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Curworthy Cheese
by Neil Price, co-editor 11 Jan 2006

Curworthy Cheese w as established by the NFU in 1983, in 1990 Rachel Stevens transferred the operation from Curworthy Farm to the current location at Stockbeare Farm in 1990.

Curworthy Cheese does not use modern mechanised cheese production but relies on its professional cheese makers although they all follow the same recipe they all produce a slightly different end product.
Using traditional methods they continue to produce it's uniquely flavoured “morish” cheeses. Rachel and her staff after pasteurising the milk (heating it to72.5 degree Celsius for 15 seconds), which kills off the good and bad bugs, which isn't good for making cheese because the bugs are needed to give us the flavour we enjoy. Good bugs are then added to the milk with rennet, which encourages the milk curdle.
Once the milk has curdled it is cut into squares and stirred by hand before the whey is pumped out of the tank and fed to the cows, true recycling! Each 1lb of cheese requires a gallon of milk to make the famous Curworthy Cheese.

The curds are then placed in cloth by weight (approx 10% above the final weight)

and pressed.

They are floated in brine (salted water) to bring out the flavour.

The cheese is then placed to mature this can be anything from a few months to years.

Finally the cheese is waxed and packaged, before arriving on a counter near you!

Look out for the Waitrose Promotion later this year!


Stockbeare Farm Jacobstowe
EX20 3PZ
01837 810587



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