Hatherleigh Blimp June 2014
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Blimp Sunday June 29th 2014 - Ref Planning Application 00635/2014

We walked around Hatherleigh to find out how the Blimp looked from different locations. Here's a selection of photos taken where it was visible. In at least 80% of the town it was not possible to see the Blimp from street or ground level due to trees, buildings etc. However in various high parts of the town it was very obvious. We think that from many upper storey windows across the town it will also be clearly visible. Please remember that the Blimp was not moored at the exact location of the proposed turbine. In-camera scaling was done by eye to match the Blimp so it shows as you would perceive it yourself. The downside is that the angle of view is less. These pictures may not stand detailed scrutiny by experts but we hope they are a helpful guide.

  • The Blimp was moored at 77m, which represents the upper tip of the proposed blades.
  • We understand that the mooring point was 23 feet lower so the blade tips may actually be higher in reality.
  • Where a red sock is visible some way down the cable, that marks the height of the turbine tower. The blade circle of rotation can be imagined from this.
  • The blade circle of rotation will differ in size in each picture.
  • The proposed turbine would be located some degrees to the left of the Blimp. Perspective, viewing height and position will affect the reality.

Immediately below is the only image we could find of Hatherleigh in the Planning Application 00635/2014. It's from Document 323638. The Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment describes this view as follows: "Looking from elevated corner of the church grounds, overlooking the dense enclosure surrounding the church ... Views of the proposed wind turbine will be possible from this isolated open and elevated location within the church grounds. . From this corner of the church grounds however, the proposed wind turbine will be perceived as a single vertical element set within an expansive undulating and well-vegetated landscape. but will not dominate the view." We agree it's isolated - so isolated in fact that few people would visit it! We wonder why other viewpoints weren't chosen, especially in the churchyard itself. See if you agree, from our own images taken from around the town, underneath.

More or less the same view from the same location as in the above image. The Blimp is just above the foreground tree, right of centre.
We wonder why the planning application does not include other views too, as below.
From towards the top of the Church foootpath, surely a very accessible place running through the entire churchyard!
From the Church footpath looking West, 10 metres left of the image above, .
From just above the Churchyard footpath looking West, 30 metres left of the image above
From Hole Court Market Gate looking West
Roundabout looking (North) West
Top of Higher Street looking (North) West


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