Hatherleigh Juniors' Soccer match against North Tawton Good Friday April 14th 2006
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Junior Soccer

Hatherleigh Town v North Tawton
April 14th 2006

It was the turn of the youngsters to play on the revered Okehampton Road pitch at noon on Good Friday when North Tawton were entertained in 11-a side and 7-a-side games. Fast and furious was the pace, with some fine soccer being played and plenty of goals being scored. Most entertaining of all? - some of the sillier rules were overlooked when the ref felt like it, keeping the game moving nicely! We've not watched junior matches before but we found it great fun to see the enthusiasm of the up and coming generations. Some stars are in the making too!

Below you'll find far too many pictures but it was so easy to take good shots that we thought you'd like to see the best. Hopefully we've been fair to both teams, but as we concentrated on our side there may be a bias towards Hatherleigh. Enjoy!

Reprints available via Tussie Mussie Spode in Bridge Street Hatherleigh, or email Geoff here. You'll need the filename of the picture, which you can find by right-clicking the pic and then reading 'properties'. (It's the final jpg name in 'location' we need so, for example, the first pic below is called 'IMG_4353_cropped.jpg'). All profits to HAFC funds.

Now if they'd only move away from the goal I might be able to score!

Yeh! I scored!

Hmmm! That was a good move, we'll have to try that one sometime!

This thumping free kick gained a goal for the home side

This new camera angle introduces far more dynamism- we must try it again!

Finally, here's a sequence showing a brilliant team effort, the goalie being enticed out first, the ball then laid off to the left and the goal being taken well.

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