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Any Ideas? For Hatherleigh Festival 23-26 July or Funday 30 August
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

January 23, 2015 : Hatherleigh Festival
Our next fundraiser will be the very popular chilli festival which will take place on Saturday 23rd May.  This year as part of the festival in conjunction with the Salar Gallery we will be running an Eileen Gold painting competition........A picture of Hatherleigh, what Hatherleigh means to you. The winning entries will be made into cards.
Is there anything you would like to see at festival? Workshops you would like to attend? Any ideas? Any bands you would like to see again or Recommend?
Its your festival! Its Hatherleigh festival......we are listening so
please make sure you let us know. Please like our facebook page and keep an eye on our website.  www.hatherleighfestival.co.uk
Our email address is info@hatherleighfestival.co.uk

Invitation for local groups to parcipitate in the Fun Day Sunday 30th August ...
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Turbines - a reminder!
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

January 2, 2015 : JACEX have reminded us that the threat from Wind Turbines is still growing. Check our Exbourne with Jacobstowe pages for latest updates.

Independence for Hatherleigh?
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

January 2, 2015 :

The banks of the River Lew throbbed with election fever yesterday (January 1st) as four 'parties' vied for support in Hatherleigh's first ever vote on independence for Devon's smallest town. (Click the pic for more pictures). It was clear that there's lots of support for the idea, but who has the resources to take us into uncharted economic waters now that offshore oil mining in the Lew is no longer viable? The river bank became Speakers Corner as arguments (and various scuffles) broke out. Miss Whiplash and several bobbies intervened but they could barely keep control in the heightened atmosphere of the Hatherleigh hustings. Mayor Andy displayed his neutrality - as well as his expensive taste in official cloaks and bling - as he tried to keep track of votes on his crapometer ... er, clapometer! There was some chaos at this point and we're not sure of the ...
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Ruby Market Success!!
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

December 16, 2014 :

The Ruby Market held on the 6th December was well attended as usual. The reindeer were having a well deserved rest before their big day, after all they do all the work while Santa gets the credit! Christmas was in the air as the crowds went looking for that elusive present for that brother or sister. The next Ruby Market is on April 4th 2015. Make a note!

A use for your Tax Disc holder
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

December 16, 2014 : Use your Car Tax holder, for a cause that may save your life. A template for your tax disc identification is here. It could help you in the event of an accident. Courtesy of Okehampton Transport


Planning Application at 7 Morris Close
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

December 12, 2014 : Planning Application for the erection of application for the erection of a first floor extension. comment before 18th December Full details on West Devon Website HERE

Ruby Reindeer
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

December 1, 2014 : Meet Willow (right) and Catkin, two recent arrivals in Devon and now living near Hatherleigh. They are making a personal appearance on Saturday Dec 6th at the Ruby Market and we could not resist requesting a photo opportunity yesterday, when this picture was taken. They are still young and quite wary of photographers so we took along a bunch of willow leaves at the suggestion of their owner and that helped to keep them 'onside'. The Ruby Market is being held on the Hatherleigh Market site from 9am - 2pm. More details from 07855 187364 and www.rubycountrymarket.co.uk.

December and January Pump now online
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

November 27, 2014 : The December 2014/January Pump is now online featuring RUBY MARKET and The WALRUS DIP Here

Do you want Superfast Broadband?
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

November 22, 2014 : You have probably noticed the vans in the street, proclaiming superfast broad band around the area. So where is it? Contact your internet provider and ask them!!

WILLIAM CLIBBETT JNR 1803-1886, Taught by Thomas Roberts
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

October 13, 2014 : Born Appledore – Burried St Margaret’s Church, Northam SCHOOLDAYS IN NORTH DEVON – 1812 For his day and generation, Mr William Clibbett was a man of very advanced views, was equipped with a liberal education and was a wide reader. In his characteristically neat handwriting he wrote “the winter season of 1812 and 13 was remarkable of that period. Snow fell successive weeks and hard frost supervened and rendered the roads impassable until cleared, from that period to the present no such weather has been recorded. The season was also notorious by the advance of Napoleon and his large army on Russia”. Shortly after the Christmas vacation of 1812, the writer, then just ten years of age, was sent by his parents, who had in their early life found the advantage of even inferior education costly and hardly to be procured from their residence in a small seaport in north Devon, to a boarding school ...
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